Monday, October 19, 2009

I didn't think this was possible...

I'm almost more tired and worn out than I was on Friday. We had a busy weekend!

On Friday night the kids went to my parents' house to get them out from underfoot, because like I said on Friday, we had a lot to do to get the house "party-ready".

On Saturday morning, Sara and I participated in a walk that we do every year, "Making Strides for Breast Cancer". I'm still sore from that.. it was a 5k, and I never walk that far these days! Still, it's for a wonderful cause, and hubby didn't want me to miss it. My mom had breast cancer when I was little, so it's something that's near and dear to my heart.

When I got home, hubby was already cleaning, so I joined in. We got everything done that day (including a mountain of laundry) except the kids' bathroom. We also took a bit of a break in the middle to get groceries, and get Andy's cake in the oven. He wanted the same sort of cake that he had last year, so we picked up some extra decorating frosting.

The kids came home early Sunday morning, and we all went off to church for the first time in quite a while. We tried a new church that's closer to home than the one I used to go to, and it was pretty nice. A lot smaller, but the pastor seemed nice, so I think we're going to go back again next week.

After that, it was back home to finish cleaning and get Andy's cake ready. There's a picture of last year's on this post, if you want to see (more or less) what this year's looked like. I made the road a bit more curvy, and used a smaller car. It came out pretty well.

Finally, people started arriving for Andy's party. My parents came, as well as Bob and Sara and Billy's dad. We had pizza from Little Caesar's, then Andy opened his presents. He got quite a few toys, and Billy and I got him a bike. For the record, I never want to put training wheels on anything again. That was a very frustrating experience.

After presents, it was time for cake, and then everyone went home. Andy spent the rest of the night playing with all of his new toys. Hubby and I got to figure out how to transform his Transformers, while he played with his Bakugan and colored some pictures with the crayons and paper he got from Aunt Sara and Uncle Bob. If the weather holds, he'll probably get some time to ride his bike this afternoon, as he doesn't have school today, the lucky kid!

And now it's back to work for me. My boss is still out today, so it will probably be a bit of a long one. I've only been here an hour, and I'm already looking forward to going home and having a hot bath or something to relax. How was your weekend?

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Linda said...

You know you've had a really busy weekend when you have to go to work to relax a little bit!

Sounds like Andy had a great party though and it was really great that you were able to fit the walk in for cancer, too.

You've worn me out from just reading this post!