Friday, October 16, 2009

Apparently I'm the only Bill Nighy fan I know.

Or else every one of you is a Bob Dylan fan and now categorically hates me for making fun of him.

Hey, I SAID I was sorry!

I have been a giant ball of stress lately. I still am, in fact, which is in part contributing to the lack of posting this week, right after I was starting to get in a groove of boring you all with my day-to-day life again. It's just difficult to write a coherent post when you've got Tourette's of the brain and you're scared to type anything because the pent-up stress might escape and take over your hands for a moment and post some ranting raving crap that will offend anyone who even has my blog in their feed reader, regardless of whether or not they've actually read the post.

Ugh. The Whistler just adjusted his pants in my line of sight. Why can he never do that shit while he's facing into the corner? How many times do I have to deal with the potential sight of his underwear before I just go blind from the fact that my eyes refuse to take the chance any more? It could be worse though. Yesterday he was talking to the new guy in the department (he's been working for me for like a year, but he's still the new guy), and he got excited about something, and spit flew out of his mouth and landed on the poor guy's lip. ON HIS LIP, people. He told me he washed it three times, but he still felt like he needed a shower. I don't blame him.

I hate this damn place sometimes.

The mantra for today is "Thank God it's Friday". We've got a busy weekend ahead of us, considering that it's Andy's birthday on Sunday and we've still got quite a bit to do to get ready for it, but at least I won't be here. And in two weeks I get an entire week off. We're not going anywhere because Andy will be in school, but again, I won't be here. That's the important part.

Friday.. Friday.. Friday...... ommmmmmmmmm

2 fellow footsteps:

Kaz Dragon said...

I quite like Bill Nighy, so you're ok with me!

Linda said...

I like Bill Nighy myself and loved him in Love Actually - I just couldn't get here and say that yesterday as I was at work and couldn't get past the IT restrictions to say so!

I've never been a Bob Dylan fan at all as honestly, I don't think the guy can sing. Come to think of it, there were a lot of people who couldn't sing back then that made it big as singers but I guess nowadays that's all changed what with the things people can do with a recording studio and a sound board. Heck, I bet they might even be able to make me sound good! Then again ... maybe not!