Friday, October 09, 2009



It's another busy day for me today, sending around tons of emails, trying to get things organized for Andy's birthday next week. He wants the same cake as last year, so I'll be having fun trying to re-create it this year! On top of that, we need to make cookies for his class and cupcakes for the party he wants to have with some of his classmates. Lots of baking to be done next Saturday! I have fun with that, though.

Last night was pretty quiet at home. I got home a little early, so we spent some time playing our low-level alts on CC. I have a druid and hubby made a hunter. He's so cute, he named his hunter Calvin, then used Cael and her motorcycle for a ride down to Durotar for an orange tiger to name Hobbes. After dinner we did finish the Clone Wars DVD. It turned out that there was only like half an hour left, so that didn't take as long as we expected. After it was over, I popped in Drop Dead Gorgeous. We've watched it several times (so many that Andy said "this movie AGAIN?!"), but it's still funny... there are so many little one-liners that make us laugh even now.

We'll be out and about quite a lot this weekend, hopefully we'll be able to get Andy's presents, plus we're going to do a bit of driving. No particular destination in mind, hubby's just got that itch to be out on the road again. With luck the weather will be nice, and we can enjoy the changing leaves a bit. I'm sure the DVD player will come along to keep the kids occupied too.

I hope you all have a great weekend as well, I'll see you on the other side!

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