Thursday, October 08, 2009


So yeah... I think I'm going to give up on the whole "starting a new blog" thing for now. Instead I'm going to put a little more... me into this place. Starting with the smiling face over on the sidebar. I'm putting my own picture up there instead of Asara's, with my own name. Not going to hide behind an avatar any more. :) Of course there have been pictures of me and my family around before, but that's not quite the same, in my own little opinion.

Last night we did spend some time playing Mezzaluna and Rhonson after dinner (hubby made stir-fry, it was super tasty!). It was nice, barring the slower mounts. I was almost tempted to suggest that we transfer them over to Cenarion Circle as well, in order to take advantage of the gold I've piled up over there and get them moving a bit faster! It wasn't bad though, not nearly as bad now that regular flyers are 150% instead of 60%. Still, the difference was noticeable! We put in some good progress toward level 76, and zipped through quite a few quests in Zul'Drak. Around 9 we decided to call it a night, and put in a movie.

Hubby is a big fan of Star Wars, and back when we had cable, he watched the animated Clone Wars series a lot with our son. So he put the movie version on our Netflix queue, and that's what we watched last night. We didn't finish the whole thing though, because after about an hour, I started falling asleep on the couch. I had been hesitant to watch it in the past, because of a review I read of it over on BBB's blog. He had said something about how it didn't quite fit that Anakin would have this fond relationship with a Padawan and then somehow turn into the baby-killing monster depicted in the third Star Wars movie. Hubby suspects that this might be explained as the tv show concludes. There were some previews of another Clone Wars season that included clips implying that Anakin's Padawan had turned into just as much of a problem as Anakin himself. This leads us to wonder if something will happen to her that could account for the violent shift in his behavior. Perhaps one of these days we can see the whole series and find out!

As far as being sick goes, it looks like I dodged that particular bullet. So far no new symptoms of anything, and the sore throat has gone away. Yay for that! On the down side, my wrist is hurting again, so boo for tendonitis there. I've been taking some ibuprofen and I put ice on it yesterday, but it still hurts. It's mostly a dull pain, but it's always there, and I'm getting sort of tired of it. I think I might have to haul out my wrist brace for a week or two on top of the other stuff I'm doing for it. I hate doing that though, because it makes it very awkward for me to use the computer and write. I feel like I'm hurting it more by doing those things because I have to stretch my hand around in ways I usually don't in order to click the mouse button or move a pen. Still, that's what the doctor told me to do last time, and it did actually work, so I guess it's worth a shot.

Regarding the Whistler, the HR guy did come down to the lab and he said he sort of talked about the pants issue with him, but he wasn't sure how much good it would do. It must have done something though, because he's wearing some new pants today. There was talk of getting him some uniforms again, which I would not have a problem with at all. I wouldn't have to wear one, at any rate! Plus it would save me from some stupid conversations about where he got the t-shirt he's wearing for the day. Extra bonus there!

That's about it for today, tonight we'll probably be finishing up the Clone Wars DVD and maybe watching a bit of TV or maybe another movie. I'm sure there are quite a few around that we haven't seen yet, and having the ability to stream movies from Netflix online right to the TV is pretty sweet!

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Barb said...

I had a similar problem when it came time to renew my domain name. I didn't want to be "Skittles" anymore. I wanted to be me. Barb. Not much has changed except maybe my own outlook on it cuz I still have the same SN and same blog name. It IS nice to see your beautiful smiling pic on your sidebar!