Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What day is it?

Oog. My brain is mush this morning. I just went to check on the fantasy football page that my brother-in-law is running, and got completely confused. I thought to myself, weird, there wasn't a Monday night game? Then I realized that it's Tuesday. We didn't run production at work yesterday, so it felt like a weekend day. I didn't go in to work until after dinner to take care of a few things with the schedule. I probably should have gone in earlier, but I was playing WoW and doing things at home, and the day just got away from me.

Apparently the dj on the radio station is not having a good morning either. We're listening to to commercial breaks at once right now. Maybe he fell asleep? Who knows.

So... what happened this weekend? Most of the news is WoW-related. We spent the majority of the weekend just hanging out at home, though we did some shopping also. We got the kids some new clothes, and picked up a copy of Up. Emily is growing like a weed all of a sudden. The clothes we bought for her are 4T, and they just fit. When I picked them out, I thought I was getting her some things to grow into!

I don't even have a lot to relate in WoW-news. The big thing is an Ulduar-10 run we did with the guild on Saturday night. They had cleared a few bosses the weekend before, and extended the raid ID to work on some that we didn't have a lot of experience with. Saraabi came along to tank, and hubby brought Lumae. We started with Kologarn, and one-shot him. We had a couple of hiccups on Auriaya, but got her down as well. After that we decided to hit Iron Council, a fight I had never seen. The first few tries we had three tanks, one for each boss. That turned out to be too much of a strain on the healers, so I offered to tank the two spare bosses myself. The idea being that the spare tank could go dps, and then I'd have hubby in the back healing just me, and the other two could handle the other tank and the raid.

It took a few tries, and a couple more tweaks (courtesy of my awesome hubby, who reads strategies and watches videos and stuff), but before we called it for the night, we did get them down, and Saraabi got a new cloak for her efforts. That was definitely an interesting fight to tank. After that, it was almost time to call it a night, so we wandered down the hall to Hodir. We had a heck of a time with that, worms everywhere, and elementals... it was crazy! We made it through, and after a quick explanation of the strategy, we barrelled into the room. Saraabi got two-shot, and the rest of the raid followed shortly afterward. It was a fun, kamikaze-style way of ending the raid, and I was giggling my head off.

The only other thing I can think of is that hubby and I finally built another chopper, this time for him to have. So now Caelatria can chauffeur Alainds around, and Lumae can chauffeur Saraabi around! It will be nice to be on the riding end for a change. :)

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