Thursday, October 01, 2009

Feeling pretty RAWR.

So, I've been raiding quite a bit this week.

On Monday, we ran Ulduar-10. I brought my hunter, and she got... zero upgrades. Everything was plate or cloth, no dps mail at all. Sadface. However, we did have a very successful run, we got through Kologarn, which is farther than I've ever seen. The last time I was in there, we had a wipefest on Ignis and never managed to kill him.

I've dual specced my hunter to Marksman. Sigh. I never thought I would, but I had the extra money, and I won a gun from heroic TOC, so I figured I'd give it a try. Stuck a haste scope on there, and I have been doing better DPS. The problem is, now I have trouble switching back. The haste scope is useless when she's using her Beast Mastery spec, and the non-haste scope is on a crossbow. So every time I want to switch, I have to restock arrows, and it's a general pain in the arse. I want a bow, dammit. Then I wouldn't have to worry about it. Still, Leshya is getting a lot of play time, and I'm still having fun, trying to learn a rotation for the new spec is amusing, especially because I'm not geared quite right for Marksman. I'm managing around 4k dps, which is nothing to sneeze at, at least I don't think so.

Then last night Saraabi got her turn. There were two 10-man runs set up, one for OS and one for Naxx. We got OS down with no trouble, and Saraabi got to tank the big dragon again. We did very well in Naxx as well, we cleared all four quarters, and just have the last two bosses to clear out some time this weekend. We had only two wipes the whole time. One was on Anub'rekhan, breaking in a new healer... he was too close to the boss on locust swarm and got silenced. And once Saraabi went down, everyone else followed shortly after. The other was on Four Horsemen, and possibly the same healer. He was put in the back, and wasn't close enough to Lady Blaumeux. Or however you spell that. We cleaned them both out on the second try though, which is a great learning curve for someone who had never seen the encounters before. Saraabi main tanked the whole thing, and had an awesome time doing so.

I think Thaddius is my favorite, with the whole tank throwing thing. It's just fun to go flying back and forth across the room. Grobbulus is probably second, and Heigan third, just because the dancing while tanking is a bit nerve-wracking. I like bosses where I actually get to do something more than just stand there and hold the boss for everyone else to pound on. Some of the standing still bosses were fun too though, I sat there and watched my TPS on Omen climb up over a million. I felt very RAWR!

On Friday is supposed to be another Ulduar, then on Saturday we're going to have another go at ToC-10. We have been in there once before, but we didn't really know what we were doing, and just barely got to the second part of the Northrend Beasts. However, we're all a bit better-geared, so perhaps we'll have more success this time around. We've also tried Onyxia once, but wiped to the flying phase every time. One of these days we'll take her out too, I'm sure!

After this week though, I'm cutting back down on my raiding to one or two days a week. I was up too late last night and Monday night, and I am really feeling it right now. I had fun, but I need to take care of myself too. Tonight is a night off anyway, so all I'm going to do is watch TV with the family and try to put a dent in our laundry. I've decided to wash just about every item of clothing in the house, and it's a big task! It'll get done though, mark my words! :)

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