Monday, October 05, 2009

Bonding is good.

Let's see what there is to report today...

We spent most of the weekend offline. The kids went to my parents' to get in some quality time with their cousin, and from what I hear, they all had a great time. My dad said that my niece practically couldn't stop hugging my kids, which is adorable.

We got a call on Friday from my brother-in-law and his wife, who invited us over for some Mario Party. The batteries in their Wii remotes were running low, so we hauled out an older version and played on the GameCube. We had quite a lot of fun, as it turned out that we had an unfinished game hanging around that we decided to finish playing. Hubby won that one, and then his brother won the quicker game we played afterwards. By that time my sister-in-law was getting tired, so she headed off to bed, and hubby, his brother, and I watched a movie before we came home for the night. It was called Bully... and I kind of wish we'd picked something else. It was just long and drawn-out and had very little point, when you got right down to it. It was based on a true story, but that didn't make it much more movie-worthy in my little opinion.

On Saturday we slept in quite a bit. I don't remember much about what we did during the day, but that night we went out to the bar for dinner and some karaoke! There was a pretty good crowd, but I still got to sing four songs. I had a good time, but hubby wasn't feeling very well. We left around 11:30 or so and headed out to a hot tub place not too far away, which was very relaxing. :)

Sunday was spent hanging around the house, playing a bit of WoW, doing a bit of laundry.

It was nice to just stay home and spend time with my hubby. Life can get pretty frantic around here at times, and I definitely appreciated the time to just be together. All told, it was a weekend well spent.

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