Friday, September 25, 2009

Quiet on the home front

Radio silence seems to be the catchword this week.

I have decided on the name for my new blog, but I'm still getting things set up over there, so no link for you all yet! If anyone has any banner-making skill at all, please comment or email, because I have tried and failed to make something good. I know what I want, but my graphics skills are just not up to it.

This week has zoomed by pretty quickly. It seems like it was just Monday! Our evenings have been pretty WoW-less this week. I think we got in one run of the Brewfest boss, and a couple of heroics, and that's about it. Last night we did a run of Heroic Halls of Lightning, and in the middle the guild master started up a group for Onyxia. They were short a couple of people, but Tuesday and Thursday nights are family nights now, so we had to tell them that we couldn't go.

We ordered pizza from a new place that just went in near our grocery store. It was pretty good, though I'm not totally sold on the sauce. Probably because I'm so used to getting a certain flavor from the other pizza places we order from. It wasn't bad, just different. The rest of the pizza was awesome. There was a ton of cheese, the mushroom pieces were huge, and the crust was amazingly tasty. We also tried their cheese bread and some boneless barbecue wings. Both were yummy! I think we'll probably order from them again. It's a nice break, because there is only one other place around our house that will deliver to us.

Once the pizza showed up, we watched Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, which had just arrived from Netflix. It was ok, but I wasn't super impressed with it. I haven't seen the first Underworld in a while, but I remember liking it a lot better. I think the fact that the big scary vampire leader was played by Bill Nighy did a lot for my opinion. The problem is, I had just watched Love, Actually the night before, and he is in that too as an old rock legend doing a crappy Christmas cover song in a last-ditch attempt at a comeback. So every time he was in a scene with his horribly fake-looking blue contacts, I kept expecting him to launch into "If you really love Christmas, come on and let it snow!" I hadn't seen Love, Actually before I saw the first Underworld movie, so there was no association at the time.

The style of the werewolves bothered me a bit too. They reminded me of gorillas with wolf heads. Especially when they were shown running from above. Just overall, it was pretty "meh". I have no idea what's coming next, but it probably won't get here until Monday or Tuesday because I forgot to bring this one to the mailbox this morning, so I'll have to drop it in the mail tomorrow or something. Bummer. At least we can hook up hubby's laptop to the TV and watch movies that way too. The selection isn't the best, but generally we've been able to find something worth watching every time we've set it up. The kids have been watching Voltron, and Andy seems to really like it. I noticed Thundercats on there too, but I don't remember if it's available on the computer or not. I may look into it this weekend. :)

Speaking of which, I think I've rambled on long enough. I hope you all have a lovely weekend. The weather here isn't going to be the best, but I'm sure we'll find something to keep us busy!

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