Friday, May 22, 2009

Two Spirit Beasts, Two Days!

Yowza. Time has been getting away from me this week!

On Wednesday I finally found myself a Gondria out in Zul'Drak. I had downloaded the addon SilverDragon, on advice from a guildmate, and it was what clued me in. I was just flying around in a daze when my screen flashed at me, and I noticed the yellow dot on my mini map. I would have missed it otherwise! A quick hop down from my Nether Ray, a sad goodbye to my Rhino, Rocksteady, and a few seconds later, Gondria was mine! I named him Zingarnor after my GM kitty who got lost in the shuffle of exotics.

The next day, I hopped on my paladin for a quick round of Sholazar for minings, and to check Loque'nahak spawn points for the same guildmate who had recommended SilverDragon. She's been after him for months, so I had made a bit of a personal crusade out of finding him for her. And what do you know, on my first trip around, there he was! I quick yelled in guild chat for her to get on her hunter and get the bleep out to Sholazar, because there was an Orc rogue in the vicinity, and I would have hated for him to get there before her and kill Loque after I finally found him! Luckily, she made it in time, and much happy dancing was had when she had tamed him at last. She named him Dax, after her first rare pet.

Other than that, I got a Strand Crawler in my fishing daily bag, I'm halfway to Champion of Gnomeregan (hopefully Exalted Champion by the time I get there), and I've purchased a Swift Moonsaber from the tournament vendors.. because I could. XD

In a few hours (once work is done for the day), I'll be heading out to join hubby and the kids on their camping trip. He already brought the camera down there, hopefully I'll have some great pictures when I get back! Oh, and SQT, if you read this, I'm bringing Arthas and a notepad, and you'll have a review when I get back too! :D I read it twice, to make sure I could do it justice when I write about it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend, I know I will!

2 fellow footsteps:

Rhidach said...

Wow that is an awesome looking add-on. Any idea if it works for the Time-Lost Proto Drake? I'd assume so, but you never know, haha. Grats on the snags!

Carrie said...

I believe it does. If you load in the known locations, it shows dots on the map for all the rares it has in its database, and the Time-Lost Proto Drake is one of them. I have yet to run into that one to know for sure, but if I do, I'll definitely be posting about it! :)