Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a morning.

On Friday, when I saw today's schedule, I asked my boss if I could come in a little later than usual, because it was going to be a marathon day, and I really didn't want to put in more than 12 hours if I didn't have to. He said sure. Today I got a phone call at 7AM, which is when I usually get to work, from a coworker saying that her machine was giving her errors and she'd been trying to get it working for an hour with no luck. I'm the only one there who knows how to maintain the stupid thing, so... I went back to bed.

Why? Because it was spewing out the same error that it has been for the past two weeks, and I had just changed out the offending part on Thursday. Therefore it must be something other than that part, and in that case, I needed the help of the professional tech experts at the company that made it, and they wouldn't be around to talk to for another couple of hours. As it turned out, it didn't matter that I didn't rush back in to work, because she got it going about fifteen minutes after she called me, and it's still working now. So I sent off an email, and hopefully we'll be able to figure out what the heck is going on with this thing.

On my way in to work, I was stopped at the intersection right before my building by signs saying "Road Closed". I couldn't see much past them except what could be dust or possibly smoke and a bunch of yellow trucks. So I went around the block and parked on the side street. As I was getting out of my car, another employee was finishing her break, so I asked her what happened. Apparently the restaurant across the street caught on fire around 3:30 this morning. The roof had caved in and everything, and the firemen were still spraying the hose at it when I got in around 9. This is the second fire they've had over there since I've worked here, though the first was not nearly as severe.

Camping pictures.. I know I promised them, but I don't really have any, unless hubby took some before I got down there on Friday. I took a whole two pictures on Friday night, of the sunset through the trees. I'll get them uploaded soon anyway. We didn't do a whole lot on Saturday, just sat around the fire pit. I read an entire book though! I didn't get to go fishing either. I did get a pole and hooks and stuff, but I didn't get a license. I had figured on getting one from the store near the campground, but never managed to do so. Hubby has promised that I'll get to go this season though. I can't wait to catch a fish! :D

Once we got home, hubby transferred Rhonson from his RAF account to his main account. He and Mezzaluna took their first trip to Outlands. Over the weekend they managed to clear out most of the Hellfire Peninsula quests, and got a good chunk done in Zangarmarsh as well. As a result, Rhonson is almost 64, and Mezzaluna is 64 plus a little bit. One thing we forgot about was that hubby's RAF account was just basic vanilla WoW, so while they've been waiting around to be played, Mezza was building up rested, but Rhonson wasn't. Oops!

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Amazing Gracie said...

Man, oh man, I DO NOT MISS WORKING!!!
Of course, the money part of it? Now, THAT I miss, badly!!!