Monday, May 04, 2009

Some things just aren't meant to be.

Asara was spodding around yesterday helping Alainds with some group quests in Icecrown, when someone asked in guild chat for people to go to H. Magister's Terrace. I piped right up saying I would as soon as this quest was done. A couple of other people expressed interest as well, so it seemed there would be plenty of people available for a group. When the quest was done, I said I was ready for invite, but none came. A quick check of the guild roster showed five people already in there. Quite the disappointment, to have been first to say something, but left out in the end. I still don't have either the phoenix pet or the white hawkstrider.. but maybe someday.

Later on, hubby and I decided to get together a group for a drake run of CoS. We got the group around pretty quickly and headed in. We cleared the first boss, and started walking toward the next group of elites, 19 minutes left on the timer, things are looking great, when all of a sudden everyone is running in place. And... hubby and I got disconnected. Crap. We reset the modem, got back on for a second, just in time to see the group going for the next boss, and... disconnected again. Long story short, Comcast decided to have problems at just the wrong time, and we didn't manage to get back again until later in the day. And of course, it turns out that we would have easily made the timer if we'd stayed connected, and I probably would have won the bronze drake. Sigh.

There was some fun to be had this weekend though. Later that night I got in on a run of AQ40. They had already cleared most of it, but I was there for Twin Emperors and C'thun, so I got the achievement. I also got a cool blue bug mount from the trash. After that, I took Numae out to try to finish her Sunday's Finest achievement. She had gotten the shirt the night before, and I didn't want to leave it half done if I could help it. She opened something like 525 eggs, but finally, at 1AM EST, the eggs and the vendors despawned for the year, and she was left pantsless. So I sent her off to Darkshore to gather up some small eggs and Mageroyal, to make a Delicious Chocolate Cake, so Asara could get started on her Children's Week achievements.

Speaking of which, I doubt that I'll get the Matron title. I'm really not a fan of PvP, but I suppose I'll give it a shot. I don't expect to see Blizzard taking that part of the achievement out, especially when the rest of them are so easy. Not to mention there aren't that many required for the title to begin with. I guess we'll see, but I'm not going to spend all of my playtime this week in battlegrounds, Violet Drake or not. I'll probably just keep working on my Wyrmrest Accord reputation, and buy my way to a red drake from them. :) I'd really like the green one, but so far all I've gotten is egg yolk and lots of tickbirds from my eggs. Darnit!

I didn't play a whole lot yesterday. It was a beautiful day, so I spent some time outside with the kids, sitting on the porch swing and reading. It looks to stay nice for the next couple of days at least, so I expect to do a bit more of that, provided I don't get out of work after sundown! :)

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Amazing Gracie said...

I'm sorry your connection pooped out on you! I hate it when that least you have good weather for a change - enjoy!