Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy April!

Not much to say this morning, I'm tired of course, from staying up so late last night. Hopefully tonight I'll be able to sleep better. I'm signed up to raid, but we'll see how I feel.

The oldies station that the Whistler listens to is playing all of their songs in different languages today. Someone just called, and they were wondering why. The DJ told her to switch off the station and switch back, because he wasn't hearing different languages on the songs at all. Then he played a song in French. XD

Also, I'm loving the new layout over at YouTube, what do you guys think? Oh, and this new tool from Gmail! How handy!

I'm waiting to see what Blizzard has up their sleeve today. I'm sure it will be great! :)

3 fellow footsteps:

Rebecca said...

WhooHooooo! Happy April!! :)

Linda said...

That's pretty funny - and creative - of The Whistler's station to do that! People can be so gullible sometimes!

Hope you have a great April First!

Sara said...

Yeah, I liked the thing over at Google too! Those responses to the emails were awesome.
I had to check out YouTube after I read your post. At first I couldn't see what was different, but then I clicked on a video and figured it out. Thanks! I, of course, theh had to show it to some co-workers. :)