Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I can't sleep.

It's almost midnight and I am wide awake. I want to go to bed, but I don't want to wake hubby up. I want to watch TV but I don't want to fall asleep on the couch and make hubby feel bad that I slept there all night. I want to play WoW but my keyboard sounds so loud in the quiet house, and I'm right outside the kids' rooms. Don't want to wake them up either.

It is a quandary.

2 fellow footsteps:

Linda said...

I had a couple nights this past weekend where I was wide awake but really needed to be asleep. Of course, I could have done any number of things rather than stay in bed but that's what I did and eventually fell asleep at about 3:30 to get back up again at 5:30. Ugh! Hope you get some sleep and the quandary is ended!

Kaz Dragon said...

You should hunt wabbits. But be vewy qwiet!