Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Goodbye BRK.

I will never forget it. The day I saw my first WWS report and was generally appalled at how poor my showing was. I frantically messaged my class leader. Is my DPS always like that? What can I possibly do to get better? And general other freaking-out type things. She responded, well, I've never played a beast master hunter, but here are some other specs you could try. I tried them, but they didn't feel right. There was something wrong with pulling threat from my pet, who was supposed to be my partner. So I went out looking for help, and that's when I found the Big Red Kitty blog. Here was someone who understood how I wanted to play the game, and was REALLY good at it too. I waffled, I hesitated, but finally I sent him an email. Help! Please!

He responded with a list of thirteen things that I could do RIGHT NOW to fix my spec and gear. I got down to it, and found forums and other things, a shot rotation macro... and suddenly I was roaring to the top of the meters. Beast Mastery is still reeling from the kick in the teeth it got from Blizzard, but now, now I know where I can look, what I can do, to continue putting out as much in the way of MQoSRDPS as I can, given the tools I have in-game. I have you to thank for that, Mr. Howell, and I shall never forget it. Even if you never return to the game, or the blog, you showed me the way to awesome huntering, and I won't ever lose that.

Thank you, and farewell.

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