Monday, March 16, 2009

What a gorgeous weekend!

Busy Busy Busy, that was us this weekend. (translation: this is going to be a REALLY long post)
On Saturday we made good on a promise to ourselves that we'd take the kidlets back to Chuck E. Cheese so they could actually use the tokens and tickets we had left over from Emily's birthday party (yes, way back in January). We left a bit abruptly the last time, due to people being sick and having to arrange who was going to leave with what kid, and who was going home with who.
They had a great time, and ended up with almost 900 tickets. They each got a nice prize, Andy got a set of toy tools, and Emily got a tiara made of pink plastic crystals and pearls that she has been wearing almost non-stop since. Afterwards we went over to Bob and Sara's for a round of Mario Party. We haven't done that for a while either, so that was really nice. Bob won. :)
Then it was home for the next round of Spanish Inquisition Idol. I sang "That's What You Get" by Paramore, but I didn't make it to the next round this time. I think I'm done trying with that one. I didn't make it the first time either, but that time they made a runner-up category with a lesser prize, which I did in fact win later. This time it seemed to be more of a competition to see who could sing the funniest song, as one person did "Yeah, Toast!" by Heywood Banks, and another did "Slaughter Your World" from the LFG comic.
It seems to be a trend with that game lately, trying my hardest only to come in last. I'm back on the fence regarding raiding because of that same feeling. Raiding last week and failing repeatedly on void zones or flame walls, losing my pet too many times because I was trying to focus on DPS instead of where he was. Things like that. I'm getting a lot of encouragement, but I think until I actually see good results, and feel confident again that I know what I'm doing.. it's going to be rough.
After the competition I was pretty sad for not doing as well as I'd hoped, so hubby decided to take me to SSC and help me get the achievement for fishing up Lurker. That was an adventure and a half, and ended up with four out of five of our high-level characters in a raid together, and a lot of switching people in and out to finally get to the point where we could run across the water and do the actual fishing. I brought Saraabi and he brought his death knight, Clanta, and Saraabi bubbled Clanta so he could get down to the water without getting nommed on by fish. With that out of the way, I got Asara out there with her Skyguard rep cloak, to float down to where Clanta was waiting. Unfortunately, something gave out early, and Asara ended up dead in the water. Clanta also ended up in combat, which meant he lost Path of Frost, and pow, dead in the water there too. So in the end I decided to try to make it to the little ramp next to the second group of naga, and just walk out into the water instead. I made it past the first trash group, but I pulled the big mosswalker guy, and died halfway down the second ramp. Hubby brings in his druid, who stealths past those two and down the ramp, where he rezzes me. Then Saraabi and Clanta do their bubble trick again, and Asara logs back in to run across the water with Clanta. Lurker is fished up on the second try, and ta da, achievement!
It really was an achievement-filled weekend. My Zhevra arrived from the Recruit-a-friend, which gave me that particular achievement, and it was my 25th mount as well, so there's another one. I'm two achievements away from the Chef title now, though the one will still take some work, as I need to buy quite a few more recipes and I'm out of cooking awards to do that. I ended up in a group for ZG at one point, and got the achievement for fishing up Gahz'ranka as well.
Yesterday we spent some more time with the kids, taking them out to breakfast at Perkins, and then to a local park for a couple of hours. They had a blast there, and the weather was almost perfect (a little chilly/windy, but not bad). I wish we had at least brought the camera, but oh well. Once we got home, they spent most of the rest of the evening resting in the living room and watching TV. So it was back to WoW for me for a bit.
I'd decided that the next thing I was going to work on was getting Exalted with Argent Dawn, for the Argent Champion title. I was at about 7% into Revered, and figured it wouldn't take that long. Plus it would be my 15th exalted reputation. But before that I wanted to get a couple of mini-pets out of the way from quests in LBRS. Hubby decided to help me, so off we went to Blackrock Spire. Hubby got there first and started clearing out some trash, just to see if he could, then he wanted to see UBRS, so he wandered over there, where I finally caught up to him. We killed the first boss, and I thought, well, maybe we could try for Leeeeeeeeroy! since we were right there. It took three tries, but I am now Asara Jenkins at last. Then it was back over to LBRS where we finished our pet quests, and got the achievement for finishing the dungeon. In the meantime, the rest of my guild was one-shotting H. Malygos, and working through Sartharion +2, which they also finished.
After LBRS, we had dinner (hubby made chicken enchiladas, which were absolutely delicious), and after dinner we started to run Stratholme. We did the dead side first and dropped Baron (no horse though), then hubby wanted to see the live side, so we kicked that out too, for another achievement. Turned in all the quests, and went back in for a couple more tries at Baron's horse, with no luck. At the end of the night, I was over 70% through revered, thanks to a monopoly on the scourgestones, four or five quests, and a bunch of bone fragments and dark iron scraps and such that hubby and I had gathered. Not to mention a metric ton of runecloth, which I brought to Ironforge to turn in for rep there. Tonight will be a bit more Strat, which will hopefully end with my rep at exalted, and a spiffy undead horse in my mount tab.
Phew, that was my epic weekend, how was yours? :)

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Maggie Moo said...

Yowzers! You DID have an eventful weekend! I'm glad you had a great time. :)

I went to a friends house and we made dinner and then watched a movie and then Sunday I went to the St. Patrick's Day parade in South Boston. Fun times!!

Barb said...

My weekend wasn't quite as fun.. but things are looking up now. :)

I can just picture Emily wearing the tiara.. and I'm glad got a set of tools. That makes me giggle remembering when Billy got a tool set once.

Haven't I told you that you have the best singing voice of anyone I know??? Those people don't know good when they hear it. :)

Yummmm.. enchiladas..