Friday, March 13, 2009

It's almost the weekend, yay!

Morning blogland :)
A very happy Friday to everyone! This will be a bit of a short post probably, because my boss is out for the day, and we've got an inspector person coming in to the lab to look things over this morning. Nothing serious, we usually do well, and I don't think today will be an exception.
We had a nice calm night last night, I got home and hubby was playing his new Elder Scroll game, which I named wrongly yesterday. It's Elder Scroll: Oblivion, not Morrowind. He has Morrowind as well, but that's an older title. Anyway, he let me play it, because he wanted to see what class I would be. It's pretty interesting, you get to pick how your character looks, and then they put you into the game before you pick your class. There's a whole sequence you go through of escaping out of prison, and at the end, they suggest a class for you based on the sort of things you did while you were playing through that sequence. Like the game gets an idea of your preferred gameplay style, and offers up a class choice that incorporates that. It suggested Bard for me, and Acrobat for hubby. He created his own class in the end, but I decided to stick with Bard. We'll see how that goes.
Then last night was raid night, for me anyway. Hubby is taking a break for a while, at least from raiding. Originally last night was going to be Naxx night, but once again the guild cleared it on Wednesday instead. So last night was Sartharion +2 and Malygos. We wiped on Sartharion for about two hours, then decided to move to Malygos to work on that, since we weren't really making any progress on Sarth. Our first try on Maly was good, we got him to about 15%, but the enrage timer caught us. We tried a couple more times, but couldn't get past Phase 2 for some reason. So in the end we called it. Sarth was frustrating for me, sometimes I made it through without getting tagged by anything, one attempt I got killed by a void zone, then battle-rezzed, and hit almost right away by another one. It seemed like it was just a bunch of little mistakes adding up to one big mess. At least I earned some DKP, and an emblem of valor from the one drake we did kill. I may sign up for Sunday to try again, we'll see.
Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great day, and I wish a happy weekend for you all too! :)

2 fellow footsteps:

Callie Ann said...

Have a good weekend. I hope the sun shines on you.

Amazing Gracie said...

I bet I know what you guys will be up to this weekend! Have fun...