Monday, February 02, 2009

Yahoo Steelers!

I'm glad they won. Hubby kept claiming that someone paid off the referees because they called so many penalties on the Cardinals, but there were a few things that really were epic. For example, that interception return by Harrison, the whole frickin' field! I wouldn't have gotten up after that either, that really was amazing. And that last touchdown, by the tips of his toes... I'm glad he got MVP, he deserved it! Good game, even if we didn't win anything on our squares.

Other than that, we just played some WoW this weekend, didn't really go out or anything like that. Hubby has started a second account for the refer-a-friend bonuses. So I've got a new little warlock, and he's got a paladin. They're already level 18. Usually when we roll characters together they get to level 5/6 and never get played again, but this triple xp thing is really kind of fun, so we're enjoying it, and continuing to play past the starting area. We'll be questing in Redridge already next time we log them on. Craziness!

I also spent a lot of time on my paladin yesterday. She was level 71 when I logged her on, and 73 when I logged off to watch the game. I want her to get to level 77 so she can fly around and mine, instead of having to schlep around on her ground mount and get ore-jacked because some stupid cat decided it wanted to try to eat her face. No, I'm not bitter. What??? So four more levels to go, phew. She's already almost got the money to pay for cold-weather flying too. The only problem with that is that hubby and I are still saving up for our motorcycle. 12k gold just for parts from the vendor is pretty steep. We've got a few things, and I've got about 4k saved up across my characters, so we're getting there. The hardest part is going to be the titansteel. Hubby's transmuting Titanium on his druid, and as soon as I get a couple more levels on my pally, I'll be helping to mine some out in Sholazar as well. Then he can transmute up a few Eternal Fires out of the Lifes he gets from herbing (which is also helping with the money thing, herbs are going for crazy prices right now), while I supply the Shadow and Earth from mining up Saronite. We've got the tools, it's just going to take a little more time. *sigh* I can't wait!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, you guys are going to be cruisin' in style soon enough.