Thursday, January 29, 2009

I bit the bullet. (WoW post)

Last night I respecced Survival. I dropped some ammo on a Heroic combat dummy first, just to see where my DPS was with my BM spec and my Devilsaur. I averaged around 1785. Then I hopped over to the trainer and respecced into the 1/18/52 spec recommended over at Elitist Jerks. I got my wolf out of the stable, and headed back over to the training dummy. I believe I hit something like 2073, once I figured out a bit of a rotation and how to work in explosive shots and aimed shots and things. It's weird having aimed shot be an instant cast.

So.. I'm going to stick with this for a few days, and see how it goes in my next raid, which is Sunday night. Another hunter in the guild respecced recently, and she was hitting 3k dps in raids last week. We shall see if I get close to that. With all my gear on I'm at 1078 Agility and something like 3600 AP, and almost 30% crit. Not bad, if I do say so myself, though I'm sure my crit should be higher.

After I satisfied myself that I was indeed getting better DPS, I wandered off in search of more Elders for the Lunar Festival. I hit up Darkshore and Everlook, and headed down to Azshara to find that one. Boy did they stick him (her? can't remember) out in the middle of nowhere. It took me forever to get down there and say hello. Then, since I was already in Azshara, and I don't get over there very often, I thought I'd take a stab at an Azure Whelpling. I still don't have 50 non-combat pets, so I figured it would be worth a shot. And sure enough, about half an hour later, there it was. I was really surprised that it dropped so quickly, considering it's a .2% drop rate, and there really aren't that many dragons down there.

There was a level 74 warlock down there at the same time, doing the same thing I was doing. After he ran across me fighting five or six dragons at a time again and again, he whispered me and asked if I wanted to group. Basically he wanted half of my loot, because even though he could have been doing the same thing, fighting groups of dragons at a time (he was demo and had his felguard with him. I've seen what one of those things can do with a cleave), he was fighting one at a time. I had a bit of an advantage with tracking, but there was no way I was going to let this random 'lock piggyback off my farming. I politely declined, saying "I would rather not, but thanks anyway", and he said ok. Then he whispered me AGAIN to tell me I could have the first one if I'd stick around after and help him get a second one.

1. The pet is a white item. There is no roll window that will pop up if one or the other of us finds this thing.
2. I don't know this 'lock from Adam, how can I trust him?
3. I'd really just rather do my own thing, and leave when I'm ready to leave.

I didn't respond to that last question. I just kept on doing what I was doing, and shortly after, I got my dragon and left. I headed down to Mara to find the elder in there, glitched out and dc'ed when portaling in (at the water portal, not the regular instance portal), and zoned in to the instance with a "you are not in the group for this instance, you will be portaled to Dalaran in 60 seconds" message. Nice. Because Mara is so easy to get back to, being in the middle of a zone with one flight point, which in and of itself is nowhere near a major Alliance city.

Big sigh, get teleported back to Dalaran without making it to the elder. So I did my cooking daily, and tried to fish up a Sewer Rat. But apparently I used up my mini-pet luck on the dragon, because 20 minutes and two lures later, still no rat. I'll get that thing eventually! Logged over to my Pally, burned my Titansteel cooldown for the day (3 down, 9 to go), hopped on my druid and did my minor inscription research, made Asara a Glyph of Hunter's Mark to replace the Bestial Wrath one she won't be using for a while, and logged off for the night.

Not a bad night, all told. Especially when you add in the delicious dinner hubby made (pork chops and scalloped potatoes, yum!) Life doesn't get much better than this. <3

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Men who cook rock! :-0...

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why thank you =D