Monday, February 02, 2009

My boss is awesome.

He's from Southern Indiana, so he has an awesome accent, and he's in his 60's, so he uses a lot of expressions I've never heard before. Today was no exception.

We keep stamp pads in the lab because we make tags with them to put on equipment that needs to be cleaned or fixed or whatever. There are currently three of them in the drawer. He took them out because he needed to use one of them for some project he was working on or something. He tested them first, to see how fast the ink dried. One of them was dried up completely, and he says, "Well, that one's drier than a popcorn fart..."

I don't know where he gets these, but that's one I won't forget very soon!

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Rebecca said...

Hahhhaahahaha! I'd be tempted to use that one, except I have no idea what it means.... Is a popcorn fart dry? :-0