Friday, June 06, 2008

A WoW Quest Two Years in the Making

A long long time ago, back when Asara was just a little hunter, she was questing in the area around Auberdine. In that area were some strange looking beings, but the strangest of all were called "Owlbeasts". They stood on two legs, yet were covered in feathers, and had antlers sprouting out of their heads. Very strange, indeed.

Several moons later, she joined a guild called Spanish Inquisition, and met a druid named Elimondex. She had seen druids before, running around changing into kitties and bears, but Elimondex did something different. Something amazing, that she had never seen before. Elimondex could transform into an Owlbeast! Except as a druid form, it was known as "Moonkin". Asara thought that this was one of the most astounding things, and was instantly jealous. Even more so when he began to dance. She swore that someday, in some incarnation, that power would be hers.

Some years have passed since Asara made that vow, and it has yet to come to fruition. But with luck and a little bit of hard work, it could be within her grasp. An old incarnation called Numae has appeared on the shores of Malfurion. Numae has reached the 35th 36th 37th level of experience, and shows great promise to reach the 40th, at which time she will be granted the power to transform into a Moonkin. Over the next two days, Asara hopes to see Numae reach this goal.

And when she does.. there will be much rejoicing. Yaaaay!

3 fellow footsteps:

carrie said...

ohhh I've seen the druids who turn in Moonkins as well...that's so kewl!!!

Softi said...

Gratz! I love my doomkin :) This time though I'm lvling a druid that's feral, since was a caster all the way to 70 on my moonkin druid, before they even added moonkin to the balance tree - oh those were the days...

*snaps back from the memories*

Hope ya have a good weekend!

Kaz Dragon said...

Wait until you see the dance.

*sends a hug from his tree druid*

Yes, in Soviet Russia, trees hug YOU!