Monday, December 07, 2009

How's THAT for Loot-Fu?

Not one, but TWO Swift Razzashi Raptors!

Hubby's dropped yesterday afternoon. But still no luck with Anzu, and no Swift Zulian Tiger yet either. We'll get there! I think from now on we'll invite some guildies along with us when we go to ZG, in case we get more raptors. :) I've also stocked up on Mudskunk lures for Gahz'ranka. Maybe we'll get a book of Polymorph: Turtle or two! If we do, I hope hubby won't mind me sending one to my horde mage. He already has a couple of different polymorph spells, but the turtle has always been my favorite.

In other news, Christmas shopping is almost done! Just have to send through the amazon order, and pick up a couple of things for the nephew and one of the nieces and we're set. The kids were real troopers this weekend, they did a good job of keeping up with us as we store-hopped. We took them to Chuck E. Cheese as a treat afterward. We also played a bit of poker with my brother-in-law and his wife, plus two of their friends. Good food and good times were had by all, though our pockets are considerably lighter! We have done this before though, and hubby and I made out like bandits, so I guess in the long run we're just making things a bit more even. Also, Andy got his hair cut, and it looks adorable.

Finally, hubby and I helped finish a guild run of Naxx-10 last night. No upgrades for either of us, but I got enough badges together to finally get Saraabi some purple bracers. She pulled off quite a good bit of tanking too. She was OT for a good bit of the run, well, almost all of it actually, and didn't have a whole lot to do. I was letting the MT take all of the trash, and basically playing melee DPS in prot spec, just in case the poo hit the fan. It didn't, so I was pretty bored. Near the end of Military I was taunting a mob or two out of the trash packs just to have something to do, as the MT bragged about his damage taken and how much greater it was than mine. Got my competitive hackles all up, which is never good.

I got my chance to shine at the end though. Sapphiron only needs one tank, and when asked how my DPS was, I simply responded with "it isn't." Saraabi has a DPS spec, but I never use it, so I wasn't going to be doing the raid any favors by switching. So they let me tank Sapphiron, and we one-shot him. Kel'Thuzad was interesting, to say the least. They put me on KT, and the MT took the adds. Things were going well until my hubby got ice-blocked. He was playing his tree, and healing the bejeezus out of anyone he could get his HoTs on. Unfortunately, nobody managed to heal him, so down he went. And people started dropping like flies. KT was at around 8%, and suddenly hubby said the MT went down. So I did what any tank would do, I grabbed the adds ASAP and kept on tanking.

And Kel'Thuzad fell, and there was much rejoicing, and gratzing me on my excellent tanking skillz. I probably could have been more humble at that point, but like I said, my competitive hackles were up, and I was honestly proud of what I had done. At the same time, I feel bad for basically showing the other tank up in a pretty spectacular fashion. He's been working very hard at tanking and he is doing a good job, he really is. The only real difference I can see is that he's a DK, and I'm a paladin, so while he's got avoidance that's better than mine, he's got no mitigation, so when he takes a hit, he really takes it hard.

Ah well. What can ya do?

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