Thursday, December 10, 2009


There's a bit of wondering going on in this battered old brain of mine, but before I get into that, can I just say CURSE YOU, Random LFG, for giving me Oculus as the first flipping dungeon? *shudder* We got through it without too much difficulty, just one wipe on Eregos due to losing both DPS dragons to the first phase shift. Saraabi got her Northrend Dungeonmaster achievement out of the deal also. But STILL. I hate that place. It was a good thing I had hubby around to guide me through, because I've only been there twice before. He's got much more situational awareness than I have. A good portion of my miraculous tank saves have been in large part due to him pointing stuff out to me. So thank you honey! :)

On to the conundrum.

There was a Ventrilo meeting of the "officers" of our guild last night, of which I am one, and hubby is now another. There are a few of us with gear that's a level above the sort of raiding we do on a regular basis as a guild. Quite a bit of our lack of "progression" is due to new 80's wanting to come along on raids, so we zerg them through Naxx, or the first few bosses in Uld, so they can see raids and feel accomplished to have been there.

That's all well and good, but some people are getting tired of doing the same thing over and over, and feel that if we put together a solid team, we could probably venture on into bigger and better raid instances. All of us have alts that are at 80 as well, so we'd be able to use them to continue running Naxx and the like. They want to have a dedicated night (not always the same night, but just say one night a week) when those of us on the "raid team" would get together and work on some solid progression.

I'm not sure how I feel about being part of this.

On the one hand, I'm flattered to have been included. It's nice to be recognized as someone who knows more or less what they're doing, and can be a solid contributor to the guild. I like the opportunity to see more content, even if it means bashing our heads against a boss over and over again until we figure out what we're doing. I want to improve my characters, without having to run random heroics all day every day to grind out badges.

On the other hand, part of what got in the way with my last guild was the hardcore progression mindset. For the most part, I enjoy raiding. But I don't like feeling like it's a job, or, at the very least, obligated to be there each and every week. I'm concerned about the schedule as well, they're looking at running until 8:30 server, which is 11:30 here. Granted, it's only one night a week, but that's still pretty late in Carrie-land. I like to be in bed by 10.

I guess the best thing is just to wait and see when the first few get scheduled, and join in or not as my schedule allows. If they run some on the weekend, and some during the week, and there are enough people to cover the ones run during the week, it might work out. As long as I stay conscious of my personal priorities to my family and my job, and don't let myself get carried away... we shall see.

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Barb said...

As I was reading along I was thinking about your old guild and why you left and then I see you got to that pint in this post as well. Do what you feel comfortable doing.

I'm glad you always have your priorities intact. =)