Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pair Two is retired!

My dwarf warrior and hubby's draenei shaman hit 60 last night. I have a new appreciation for the warrior class, though I have to say the rage thing got on my nerves a few times! If I could get a charge in before starting a fight, I had a good rotation and I could more or less keep threat from hubby's shaman. But if I got hit unawares, it was often quite a struggle. Odds are there are some abilities I wasn't using that would have helped in those situations, but I never really read up on warrior skills the whole time I was leveling.

Once she hit 60, I respecced her to Fury from Arms, just to play around with Titan's Grip. She looks pretty sweet with her axe and sword crossed on her back! But she's going into retirement now, until I can afford to transfer her from the new account to my main one.

We had thought that our recruit-a-friend time was up today, but I looked it up again last night to double-check, and it turns out we have until Monday. What? A whole weekend of time before it's over?

Enter Pair 3, my gnome mage and hubby's human rogue. It's a bit awkward, playing one melee and one ranged, but so far we haven't had too much trouble. They're level 11 already, after only two hours or so of playtime last night. It'll be a race to the finish to see how far we can get them by Monday night. Even then we don't have to stop, my account is paid for until March. We'll just lose the 300% xp bonus. My only problem now is having enough room on my main account to transfer all of these characters over! We're also talking about bringing over our very first pair, Mezzaluna and Rhonson, to Cenarion Circle from Malfurion. They're so close to 80, it just seems silly for them to sit over there not doing anything!

One thing at a time though. All of these transfers won't come cheap!

2 fellow footsteps:

Barb said...

You're moving everyone from Malf? Rogue/Mage is a good combo?

Carrie said...

No, I still have four or five lower-level characters over there. Generally we wouldn't pick rogue/mage, but we're running out of combos and time, so we thought we'd see how it panned out. Billy was going to make a paladin, but if he's bringing Rhonson over from Malfurion, he'd have two paladins.

We'll see how it goes. :)