Friday, January 15, 2010

Not a whole lot of progress on the rogue/mage last night. They're level 15 now, waiting for a run through Deadmines. A guildmate of ours said she'd run us through, but by the time we were ready it was raid time and she had to go to ICC. They're trying to get the boss down for the weekly raid. Two days so far and no luck. So instead hubby and I queued up for a couple of randoms. I was on Caelatria at first, but the queue was taking quite a while, even though I was grouped with hubby's tree druid, so I logged on to Saraabi. We grabbed a DPS from guild (a warrior) and hit the queue, BAM, instant Heroic.

We ran Nexus and got a hunter and DK, everything went well, no hiccups, though the DK tried to ninja-Need the Frozen Orb. Hadn't been watching the rolls as well as she should have though, because I hadn't rolled yet. I've read too many stories on other blogs about people dropping Need on the Orb at the last second. So I hit Need also, and won. She dropped group, and I offered it to the rest of the group on a free /roll. Nobody wanted it though.

Next up we grabbed one more DPS from guild (a ret paladin) and got Drak'Tharon Keep. The pug this time was a hunter. Who... stopped to drink a few times, even saying in party chat that he needed mana. Odd, considering that Aspect of the Viper regens mana, but I guess he didn't want to hurt his DPS or something. *shrug* At the time I couldn't think of a way to mention it without sounding like an ass (L2Viper NUB!), so I held my tongue and finished the run.

By that time they were done in ICC, but it was too late to stay up and run Deadmines, so we'll see if we can get in there tonight. I chatted a bit with the ret paladin before logging out, because he was doing crazy DPS the whole run, and I was just astounded. Like 4k even on the trash, pushing 5k on the bosses. It turns out he has only been playing for 4 months, which is just nuts. That good at his class in 4 months. Yikes. I'm going to get him to teach me how to play Ret so Saraabi can run as OT from time to time without feeling useless! XD

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