Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Yeah, it's another video.

I was going to post a video of Peter Griffin doing his "Ding, Fries are done" thing, because I'm still stressed out and am doing my best to preserve both my sanity and the reason for the season. I even had hubby look it up for me while I was at work to make sure it had the audio and everything. Then I didn't get it posted while I was at work, and I've been "helping" get the house ready by folding laundry pretty much since I got home. With the exception of dinner and a couple of random heroics.


I heard this on my way home, and it almost brought me to tears. Michael Crawford (of Phantom of the Opera fame) singing O Holy Night. If I had to pick a favorite Christmas hymn, it's O Holy Night. My church growing up had a liturgical dance group who would traditionally perform a candlelit dance to this song on Christmas Eve, and for 15 years or so, I was up there with them. There is something eerie and just beautiful about his voice, and to hear him singing this song... like I said, I was almost crying in the car.

If you need a bit of "reason for the season" yourself, I highly recommend this. HIGHLY.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a million

Gavin Ingham Queensland Australia

Barb said...

Absolutely beautiful.