Monday, December 28, 2009

I did not miss this one bit.

Back to work after a lovely 4-day weekend. It was a BUSY weekend, but still lovely all the same! Thursday was pretty much Family Christmas Party day, with my parents and hubby's family, Christmas was Just Us day, at home with hubby and the kids. Saturday was more of my side of the family, we hung out with my brother and his wife. Sunday was "Oh crap, I have to go to work tomorrow" day. The kids went to my uncle's house for yet another family gathering, and hubby and I played some WoW. We finally ran the three new 5-man dungeons, those went by very quickly! They were fun though, and I picked up a couple of purples that I may or may not use. Still pondering that one!

So I got in this morning at 3AM and have been slowly getting through the day. I brought 3 cans of Coke with me, and it looks like I'll need every one! Two are gone already, and I'm about to crack into the third to help me get through the afternoon. The Whistler is in fine form, cursing at a caulk gun he borrowed from Maintenance to repair his scale with. He was struggling with it when I came in a few minutes ago, trying to get the end clear so he could use it. That done, he started squeezing the handle, but nothing was coming out. Somehow he punctured the back of the tube, and all the caulk was leaking out there all over the plunger. Now he's dashing back and forth from the scale to the sink trying to clean things up. I don't think I'll tell him about the stuff he's got on his clothes. See how long it takes him to notice. :)

And with that... it's back to work. I'll be working super-long days all week this week, so I apologize in advance if I don't have a whole lot to say!

4 fellow footsteps:

Barb said...

Me and Mike had a really good time and I thank you again for hosting the get together. =)

Linda said...

So do you get another four-day weekend this week? Sounds like you're going to more than earn one!

Carrie said...

Nope, but I do get New Year's Day off, so I get three instead of two. I'll need them all, I think!

CrAzY Working Mom said...

I know what you mean. I had to fight with Tyler to get him to stay at daycare Monday. They said he tried to run out the door after me! It was a rough day all around. I'm just ready for things to get back to "normal".

Happy new year.