Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Work is totally boring.

I know, I know, if it was fun, they wouldn't call it "work", right?

I think most of it is just coming off a long vacation and remembering how little I actually do around here during the day. My work doesn't generally start until 2, until then I'm mostly trying to look busy. It seems to be going around. Today when I went upstairs for lunch, the Whistler was sitting in one of the owners' offices just talking, and when I got back from lunch, he was on the phone with one of his friends. I don't think he has much to do any more either. Or what work he does get, he finishes too quickly.

It was funny though, after he hung up with his friend, he made some comment to me about how hard it is to get some people off the phone. The thing is, nobody he knows ever calls him here except his girlfriend, so he had to have called this person in the first place. If you don't want to spend forever talking to someone, especially from work... don't call them! There's a bit of thinking outside the box for you.

Not much more to report really... we played a bit of WoW yesterday, I tanked Halls of Stone (I really hate the Brann event). Our guild on Cenarion Circle has expanded to include a guild horde-side. Hubby came up with the name, "Murlocs Gone Wild". It's kind of nice, now if we feel like playing our horde characters, we're still able to chat with the same people. The sad part is they let one of the other guild members be the guild leader, and I don't think he really gets the idea that the guild is just for fun. He went searching the internet looking for a good ranking system, for crying out loud. Then just gave us equivalent rank to what we have in the other guild anyway... but with more limited privileges. As an officer, I can invite, but not promote or demote, and I have yet to see what he's done with the guild bank. My rank idea was to look up all of the murloc NPC's and give each rank a name based on them. So the guild leader would be like, King Mrgl-Mrgl or something.

Oh well. :) No idea what's on the menu for tonight. Last night we tried to watch Superbad, which we got from Netflix. It got most of the way through, then crapped out and started skipping. We asked for a replacement, but who knows if it will have arrived today or not. If so, I hope it's a better copy!!

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Barb said...

I used to wish Hellfire Raiders on Scryers would make an Alliance guild.