Monday, November 09, 2009

Vacation's Over.

Waaaaaaah!!!!  :(

So I'm back at work. I got lucky though, there's no production today. So I really only have to stay for part of the day. I'll have to come back in the afternoon to take care of the schedule, but other than that, it looks to be a pretty easy day. Yay for that, at least!

My vacation was pretty quiet. Mostly just WoW with the hubby and watching movies with the kids. We did go out over the weekend to the bar for some karaoke. We got there when it started at 9PM, and didn't leave until it was about over at 1AM. It was a lot of fun, there was a good crowd there. There was also a moment of hilarity stemming from a trip to the bathroom. They have a pretty forceful hand dryer in there, and Sara decided that it would be funny to stick her face under it. I wish I'd had a camera, because she was totally right. We laughed for quite a while afterward.

After the karaoke was done, we hit up McDonald's for some chicken nuggets, and headed home. We tried to play a little bit of Rock Band with Beth when we got there, but we only managed about four songs before we pooped out and went to bed.

Our little horde druids are halfway to their goal right now, sitting pretty at level 31 after about 16 hours of play time. We spent some time on death knights in there, getting them to level 60 (for death and decay) to make it easier to run each other through low-level instances. We ran a few heroics on our main characters, and did some questing in Outland on our high-level hordies. I realized not too long into that particular session that I need to set up some sort of standard across all my characters with regard to the abilities they use the most. Characters getting leveled up have the same need of their "oh crap!" buttons as max-level ones, and you can bet that the results of having to search for said buttons are not generally positive.

For example, I was flying past Telredor, and one of the guards decided they didn't want me there, and proceeded to shoot lightning on me and dismount me. I freaked out trying to find my Slow Fall button, and of course, located it just as I hit the ground. Thankfully I wasn't flying too high, otherwise the results would have been a bit more messy than they were. There was also a portaling incident... hubby says, let's go to Orgrimmar now to get our next level skills. So I hit the button with the orange circle, and find myself in Orgrimmar... alone. Oops. There was much muttering and sighing coming from hubby's computer as he hoofed it over to Shattrath to take the portal from there. As a result, I've put another bar of skills in between my portal and teleport buttons, which will hopefully keep that from happening again!

That's about all of the news I have for now... I'm sure there are things that I'm forgetting. Oh, hi to everyone who is stopping by from google regarding the lucky couch commercial. Sorry if my blog didn't have what you were looking for! :)

3 fellow footsteps:

Sara said...

I had an awesome time! I can't wait to do it again!

Linda said...

Sounds like good times were had by all! I'd never be brave enough to sing karaoke but I enjoy watching other people do so.

It's nice when you can ease back into work following a vacation rather than have it all dump back onto you at once!

Barb said...

One of my best memories with you was the night me and Mike went with you, Billy, Bob & Sara to watch ya'll karaoke. I was so proud of you. :)