Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh yeah.

The reason for the medicine is that I've got a cold. Yippee yay hooray for that. Symptoms seem to be staying at a minimum though, thanks to the DayQuil people.

Last night is kind of a blur. I remember we ran Sarth-25 with 19 people and got an achievement for that. I even got to bring my hunter, and was only like 200 dps behind the resident MM hunter. Go me :) After that, some of the group stuck around and worked on Sarth-10 with a drake up. We hadn't managed it last week, but hubby said that not long after I went to bed, they finally got it down. Yay for the guild!

Just before that, I'd managed to ding exalted with Honor Hold and picked up the tabard for my 25-tabard achievement, which gave me... another tabard.

Tonight is going to be a non-WoW night. I have to go to work early tomorrow to cover the "new guy", who is having his wisdom teeth out this afternoon. So I'm hoping there will be a new movie from Netflix in the mailbox when I get home. Hubby says that one of mine is next in line, "The Brave Little Toaster". I am excited, I haven't seen that in forever. I used to watch it on TV all the time, and it's a good one to watch with the kids. Things are crazy here at work today, so a nice calm night at home is definitely what the doctor ordered. Yay!

2 fellow footsteps:

Linda said...

Isn't NetFlix fantastic? You put movies in your queue and they show up like magic! I'm not sure how my dispatch partner and I ever got through 16-hour Sundays without it!

Hope you feel better soon! Take it easy, okay??

Carrie said...

Oh yes, we love it :) We get the streaming video too, and since my toaster movie won't show up until today (boo), we watched Liar, Liar and Benny and Joon last night. I stayed up way too late, but it was worth it! :)