Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm no good at clever titles.

This weekend was pretty quiet, as weekends go. Andy is feeling better, and went back to school last Thursday, but come Friday morning, hubby was down for the count. He spent pretty much the whole weekend in bed, the poor guy! I stayed home on Friday to make sure that Andy got to school, but my boss is out for the next three days, so I had to come in this morning. I only hope I'm out of here in time for Andy's conferences tonight. I'm supposed to be at the school at 6, so we'll see.

I did have a bit of fun this weekend though, I went out to a local hibachi place for dinner with Bob and Sara. It was a bit expensive, but very tasty, and fun too! The chef that was at our table was very funny, in a punny, deadpan sort of way. He'd toss butter onto the grill and say, "butterfly!" See.. it's butter, and it's flying onto the grill... yeah. I was laughing my head off. When he had finished grilling everyone's food, he had a few pieces set over to the side, and he asked who wanted them. I said I'd take them, and he told me I'd have to work for it, and started tossing them at me to catch in my mouth. I did pretty well at first, but then he started throwing them faster, and I couldn't keep up! I was so stuffed when I left, and still grinning, so overall I'd say it was well worth the price.

Other than that, I spent the weekend at home, taking care of hubby and the kids. I stayed up a bit later last night than I should have, so I'm pretty sleepy today... I really hope the day passes uneventfully!

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