Wednesday, October 28, 2009

AUGH! Heebiejeebies are GO!

A few minutes ago, I went to the bathroom. (and no, there is no Turd Tape in our bathrooms!)

I come out, and walk over to the sink to wash my hands. And I look into the mirror to see a WASP on my COLLAR.

I hate bees. Bumblebees are ok, because they're big and easy to avoid. Wasps, hornets, whatever, they all look evil and they creep me out. Especially because they seem determined to build a hive on our house. I want them as FAR away from me as possible.

But this one was on my SHIRT. I have no idea where it came from, or how long it had been there, or ANYthing.

I'm still trying to calm down, even though it is now safely dead.

One of the druids in our guild used to have a macro that he would use when tanking instances. He'd sneak up on the boss in kitty form, and then pop out into bear form and yell "Surprise Bear!"

This was Surprise Wasp, and it was not -nearly- so cute or so clever. Blech! *shudder*

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Morgan said...

Ugh, I had something similar happen to me a couple of weekends ago.

I was sitting at my computer and felt something tickle my elbow. I thought it was just the edge of my tshirt or a floating fuzz or something. Didn't even bother to look ... until I felt it again a few seconds later. Looked down and there was this giant wasp with glowing red eyes and fangs perched on my elbow ready to attack! Ok, maybe he didn't have glowing red eyes or fangs, but he was there. I freaked out.

Tami said...

I concur. Bees and I have an agreement. I like them at a distance. They pollinate, I provide flowers. It works.

Wasps, on the other hand, are evil. Finding one on my collar would likely result in me flailing and actually tipping the ruddy thing INTO my shirt, wherein I'd likely get stung multiple times, squish it against me, and then have to take three showers before I stopped squicking out and getting the creepy crawlies.

(here via TJ's PWC)

Unknown said...

Okay, ick about the wasp. I would probably have pulled the shirt off over my head while screaming.

The "surprise bear", wow, I'll have to share that with my husband (the sometimes bear tank).