Friday, August 07, 2009

Zergfest is GO!

Last night I was spodding around on Asara, doing the cooking daily and whatnot, and also buying a Tome of Cold-Weather Flying for Mezzaluna. (Flying on a carpet is awesome, by the way, even if it is one of the slow ones.) Hubby was on his druid over on Cenarion Circle, and someone was putting together a group for Karazhan in Trade. So I hopped over to Saraabi and we joined up. It was the most interesting group I'd ever seen. Six paladins, two warriors, a hunter, and hubby's druid. Four of the paladins were ret, one was holy, and Saraabi, of course, is prot. We lost the holy pally before we even got started, so hubby was left to heal the whole thing himself. The hunter told me I was going to be MT, because nobody else was volunteering. Not to mention half of the group was 70, and the other half was 80, nothing in-between.

So we get there, and start getting the group together, and one of the paladins starts pulling trash, before everyone was even in. It set the tone for the whole thing. I was off-balance from the start, considering I was told I'd be tanking, and this other paladin hardly let me have threat. He was in Ulduar gear, and I'm barely geared for heroics, so whatever. I just kind of wandered around after them all, because they were pulling faster than I'd ever seen. We did the whole instance that way. The only boss I actually tanked was Moroes, and that was just because one of the warriors charged one of the trash packs next to his table and pulled them, so I taunted him off.

I was very proud of hubby, he kept up like a trooper. We destroyed all of the bosses up to Prince. By the time we got up there, we'd lost another paladin, and the hunter was dc'ed. She'd started having connection problems after Curator, and never really got back in. I felt bad, since she had been the one to put the group together. So we get to Prince. Seven melee DPS and hubby healing. The first attempt didn't go well. Some of the group didn't know the mechanics, and so a lot of them died on the first Shadow Nova. I knew what was going on, but having only done the fight as ranged DPS, and that having been almost a year ago, I had some trouble adjusting to running out on enfeeble. It didn't help that DBM didn't load anything for any of the bosses.

After the first wipe, the 80 ret paladin that had been leading the charge never released. He got rezzed four or five times, but never came back. So there were five of us. The second try went as well as the first, but the third try.. that was pretty awesome. I got hit with the first shadow nova, but hubby rezzed me, because I was right next to him. Lived through one more, and got hit with a second. The other paladin had gone down as well, so it was down to hubby and the two 70 warriors. One was tanking, the other was DPS. They dragged Prince all over the place, before the non-tank warrior went down. Hubby was totally on top of his game, healing when needed, and popping out of tree to drop a Moonfire and a couple of Wraths on whenever he could. And, amazingly, the two of them managed to get him down. Hubby finally fell at the end, but the warrior blew all of his cooldowns, and down went Prince. Very impressive to watch. The warrior's helm token dropped as well, Prince's nod to a fight well fought, I suppose. :)

We spent the rest of the night watching TV, an episode of Heroes and one of Leverage.

And now it's Friday, and I can't wait to get the weekend going! This work day can't end fast enough. See you all on the other side!

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