Thursday, May 14, 2009


I work in a meat processing factory. We make hot dogs, for those who don't know. Part of this process is mixing in ground meat with seasonings and other things, and occasionally stuff falls on the floor. Depending on what it's been mixed with, this often looks like someone actually vomited on the floor. However, this doesn't faze me in the least. Spray off the floor with the hose, sigh a little about the waste, go on about your business.

However, when one of the kids gets sick, be it on the floor, or (by some miracle) they make it to the bathroom, I cannot handle it at all. I feel bad for hubby during these times because it is next to impossible for me to clean this up without coming close to vomiting myself.


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CrAzY Working Mom said...

I'm usually okay with vomit & poop (of my own children) but if it's an animal it's a bit harder for me. What I can't handle is loose teeth. Now THAT'S insane.

Kaz Dragon said...

One monday morning, I was in the kitchen at work making myself a cup of tea, as we Brits do. A co-worker came in, got some milk out of the fridge, and sniffed it. Then he said, "does this smell off to you?" and wafted it under my nose.

Now, there are two parts of my sensory system of which I'm very proud. First, I have a ridiculous peripheral vision (about 160°). No way those zombies are sneaking up on me!

The second is that I have a very good sense of smell. So yeah, I nearly upchucked on the spot. The milk was most definitely off.

Anonymous said...

I'm the same way. I just can't handle cleaning up vomit. :x