Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Still not dead :)

Just busy. Had someone out on vacation for two days, which meant super duper long hours, and today I've been going nuts trying to catch up with everything. And going to the doctor. Nothing serious, don't worry guys :) We're going to be working on Saturday, then I've got a relatively normal week next week, except my boss is out on Friday. I think I might sneak a vacation day in some time soon. I just got back from a week away, and I am already looking for another day off. Sigh. I'll really need some time off after July, the calendar is practically full of people with vacation during that month. So maybe I'll give it a while yet.

In WoW news, my baby troll hunter is not such a baby any more! Level 18, with three pets already. She got her red raptor, who is now named ChompyJr., a blue turtle named Leonardo, and, of course, Echeyakee, now named Nimbus. I can't decide right now who to level along with me, the turtle would be very handy since hubby and I are both ranged DPS. With the new change to Thunderstomp, it sounds even nicer. That's probably what I'll do, now I just have to level the little thing up to get the skill! Hubby is doing amazingly well in the gold gathering department, we already have enough to get our first mounts at level 30. I'll have pictures for that, I'm sure! :)

I got demoted back down to non-raider on Asara, which is probably for the best right now. I'm not ready for Ulduar yet, so I asked my class leader just to keep me in the loop when Naxx runs are scheduled, and I'll try to make those. Oh, and I'm thinking about taking off my Entrecard. I still get drops on it, but I'm wondering if some of the spam traffic is coming from there. I don't really know what's going on with the new paid ad things, and how that affects my blog. Any of you all out there who still has one have any thoughts on that?

Besides that, I got an awesome email from a certain Fantasy and Sci-Fi blogger I know, which promises something cool... there will be more on that later, I promise! Hope you all are having a great week so far!

2 fellow footsteps:

Amazing Gracie said...

Well, that's certainly the best piece of news I've had all day!!!
(Your post title....)
Maybe when the economy is on better footing, you can look for something better. Work is crap unless you can find something you enjoy...

Kaz Dragon said...

Happy not-being-dead!