Friday, March 27, 2009

Take that, big bark of a dragon!

The guild hit Naxx on Wednesday, and I guess they finished it, because it was H. Malygos on the bill last night. A number of people were off, but we managed to scrounge together 25 and headed out to Coldarra. I was thankful to have had at least one night of this fight under my belt, though I still felt a bit lost when it came time for the dragon part. We wiped a few times at 3/4%, mostly due to losing too many dragons too quickly. The first two attempts I did pretty well, living until almost the end. The next two, not so much. One of those times he focused on me twice in a row, and I'm just not on top of that whole mechanic enough to keep up with that yet, so down I went.
After about an hour and a half, the raid leader said, ok, last attempt guys. And we pulled it off, by the skin of our teeth. We hit the enrage timer, but we had just enough DPS up to bring him down. I had lived through to the enrage, but was one of the first victims of it. Still, it was nice to finally see that fight finish. No hunter loot, unfortunately. A caster trinket, a healy trinket, some healy plate, and some sort of snowy robes, that were anything BUT white. Supposedly they're going to try Sarth +3 on Sunday, and I'm on standby for that one. I have screenshots of us winning at Malygos, but of course they're on my computer at home.
I also used some Badges of Valor to pick up a new ring and the Superior achievement (which I wasn't expecting) after the raid. Yeeha!
Tonight we're off to Lansing. I don't know how much internet time I'll have while we're gone, but I'll be sure to pop in when we get home on Sunday and do a little review of the Lion King for ya. Have a great weekend everyone!

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