Thursday, February 26, 2009

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I'm coming up strangely blank today. Sick coworker is back today, but my boss is on vacation, so I still had to get up sort of early. Same goes for tomorrow and Monday. At least I have my computer time back, for the most part. I'm a bit sleepy, I woke up at 1:30 in the morning for no reason whatsoever, and couldn't sleep again until after 3. This is bad because I'm not concentrating so well now, and I have a lot of things that need to get done today. *sigh* Let's ramble on a bit about WoW then, eh?

I put in some time on Saraabi last night after I got home from work. She is now 76 and about a half, from questing in Sholazar. I didn't really intend to quest there, because I wanted to keep neutral with Oracles and Frenzyheart, but in the end I couldn't resist. The amount of Saronite there is a beautiful thing. In a couple of hours of questing, I had three stacks of it, as well as some Titanium, two eternal Earth, one eternal Shadow, plus half each of Air and Fire. So not only am I supporting my own Jewelcrafting, I'm able to provide hubby with some mats for his Blacksmithing, which in turn he uses to make gear for me.

Can I just say here that I love my Tempered Saronite set? It amazes me how different things are from when I first started running around Sholazar just mining. Even at 73 I was running away from Dreadsabers because I knew it would take me forever to kill them. Now? I am pulling packs of rhinos and dreadsabers and AOE tanking them like it was nothing. It's a beautiful thing for me.

Speaking of rhinos, I'm very sad that they're making Stampede a single-target thing. I don't bring Rocksteady out so much now that Chompy is 80, but it was fun to be able to pick up a group of mobs and scatter them to the four winds. Still, according to BRK's post today, he'll be getting Thunderstomp, so he'll be better able to AOE tank. Good thing too, I'm not so fond of Gorillas. They're also taking away any reason I'd have to bring a wolf to raids, so it looks like I'm going to have to find another "normal" pet for any jaunts I have into Survival or Marksmanship. I still have Leshya, anyway. The wolf was just the only 80-ish Ferocity pet available at the time. I do like that it color-changes like my rhino, but perhaps it's time for another cat or raptor. Or maybe even a ravager, just to be different, seeing as there are three other hunters in my guild, and between them they raid with two cats and a raptor. Perhaps if I do get a ravager, I will name it Pookie, in honor of Breana. We shall see.

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