Monday, January 26, 2009

You're probably tired of the pirate by now...

So here's something to read :) It's yet another apology from me for not posting more regularly. I have a great excuse this time though, really! I may have mentioned that I had been feeling sick last week. Well I finally broke down and went to the doctor on Friday. I figured he'd tell me I had gotten the flu, and it was so bad because I hadn't gotten a flu shot (shame on me). Well, I went in, and they took a chest x-ray. They called me not long after I got home from work, and told me that I have pneumonia.

So I've been in bed all weekend, more or less. I've got antibiotics, and I'm actually almost done with them, and the nurse said that should kick it to the curb. I really feel a lot better, though when I have to cough, it hits me like a Mack truck sometimes. So I haven't really been playing WoW or anything, though I did fit in an hour or so yesterday because I just couldn't stand being in the bedroom any more. I did some mining on Saraabi, and that was about it. I really like the new mechanic, where you get everything in one pick. In the whole time I was out there, I encountered a bunch of nice people, and only one jerk.

One time I had two cats on me, and a nice level 80 hunter stopped, dismounted, and helped me fight them off so I could mine. Another time a warrior helped me with another pair of enemies. And one time I had been fighting this one cat for a few minutes, and almost had it dead, like within 600 hp of dead, and a blood elf swoops in on his drake, sees that the cat is almost dead, and quickly grabs the ore and flies away as the cat dies. I'm only level 71 in a level 75+ area. These level 76 cats are red to me, they take a while for me to fight thanks to them resisting a lot of my spells, and mitigating so much of my damage. It takes me a good five minutes. And this guy wasted it for me by taking the ore I was standing right on top of while fighting the dang cat.

Oh well, shortly after that I found two nodes right in a row, and also a Titanium, so up yours, Mr. Fancypants Blood Elf. And a guildie of mine found a couple more Titanium nodes for me a little later on. It was a pretty good haul, I got enough Saronite for Alainds to make a couple more boxes of arrows for Asara, three blue gems, three green gems, and three each Eternal Earth and Shadow. I got enough Titanium for five bars, so I just need a few Eternal Fire and I will be able to make some more Titansteel to set aside for the Chopper. Next I have to get back into my rhythm with dailies and start making some money. That 12k for parts from the vendor isn't going to make itself! :)

2 fellow footsteps:

Amazing Gracie said...

Yikes! That's a good thing that you went to the doc! I finally broke down and got a pneumonia shot. Hope you're feeling better, soon!

Barb said...

Ewww.. Pneumonia is nasty stuff. Do ya'll have a vaporizer? The kind the put liquid Vicks in?

The kindness of others on WoW is amazing at times. I've been in a tough spot before, say with a Horde toon, and had an Alliance person help. There's hope for the world! :)

Then there are those like the belf.