Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Update :)

Happy Monday everyone :)
Not a whole lot of RL news.. tomorrow is a special day though, so stay tuned for that post. Mostly we just bummed around the house, went grocery shopping, the usual life stuff.

WoW news..
Saturday was the finals of our guild "Spanish Inquisition Idol" event. Basically, it's a karaoke contest over Ventrilo. We had the preliminary round in like.. August of last year or something, so this was a bit overdue. We had seven competitors in the preliminary round, four of them went into the finals, and the bottom three went into a separate secondary category. I was in the bottom three of that first round. The prize for the overall winner was 1100g, and the secondary prize was 250g.

So Saturday I was practicing and practicing.. and I ended up going first out of everyone. It was down to me and one other person, due to fluctuations in guild memberships. I sang "Love Story" by Taylor Swift, and I ended up winning the 250g prize, yay! :) The overall winner ended up being a tie, so two people split the 1100g prize. I hope we do this again some time, because it was fun singing, if a bit nerve-wracking!

We also did a bit of raiding last night. All we had left in Heroic Naxx was the Construct wing, so we headed in, though we were a bit short on attendance. I think we had 22 people. We got to Patchwerk, but had some trouble, so after two attempts, we called it and split into two groups to run regular Naxx instead. My group managed the Spider and Plague wings in the time we had left, and I ended up with two new pieces of gear. Grand Widow Faerlina gave me some new gloves, and I got the tier piece from Loatheb! My first piece of T7, so that was super exciting. Hubby and I aren't raiding again until Wednesday, so odds are there won't be any more WoW news until then.

I hope you all had a great weekend too!

3 fellow footsteps:

Linda said...

I had to sit here for a minute and wonder what RL was until it hit me - Real Life! Sometimes it's easy to forget what that is when staring at a computer screen for hours on end!

Amazing Gracie said...

Well, I kind of understood the singing part, so that's a plus for me! Congrats to you...

Barb said...

I've heard you sing, so this contest MUST have been rigged. You should have won. :)