Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It's an hour earlier than I usually wake up. After I type this I'll try to go back to sleep, but I just had a very vivid dream. It was a bit fragmented, but I remember being at a large gathering of people, and then I left and went for a walk. It was a hot, sunny day, and I saw two girls get scolded by a teacher, and they said they were going to the cemetary because it was cooler there. I muttered the same thing to myself before they answered the teacher. I walked a bit firther, and found myself at a brick building, where I talked to a little girl. I was going to go inside and get some information about the school, but I changed my mind and went back outside. I had a huge piece of gum in my mouth that I took out and put into a flower pot that was sitting on the ground there. Then I went back to the gathering, and someone gave me a bowl of mixed berries and asked me to make something with it, like a sauce or something. While I was doing that, I looked out the window and saw a tornado outside. I freaked out and went back into the other room, saying over and over that we needed to get downstairs, there's a tornado! Someone grabbed me and held me back from going over by the big window in that room. So I turned around, and saw my kids coming out of a different room, and grabbed them. I brought them over to a corner, and passed my mom, sitting there in a chair like nothing was wrong. Someone said, "We can stay up here, it'll be all right." So I put myself between my kids and the window, and kept saying over and over, it's just a storm, it will be fine, it will be ok. Then I heard glass breaking, and felt something hit me in the small of the back, then I woke up. I think maybe it was my cat that hit me in the back, but it took me a while to get my bearings when I first woke up. For a minute I wondered if I was dead, that a huge piece of broken glass had hit me, it was that realistic of a dream.

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Barb said...

I hate having dreams where you wake up disoriented like that.

You may (or may not) know that I have this hobby of interpreting dreams, so here goes:

You're having mixed thoughts/feelings about some people. You may follow their lead most of the time but right now you feel like you need some independence and time to yourself.

The problem is that you're not always comfortable doing that. Perhaps you're concerned about raising a ruckus if you DO do that. In fact the child in you still at times may feel a need for protection from troubles despite your age and maturity.

I even see the possibility of you feeling as if someone is doing you wrong, all the while acting as if things are "just fine."

Linda said...

It always amazes me when someone can take a dream that is totally fragmented and strange and be able to get some sort of meaning out of it. It also amazes me when people can remember their dreams as well as they do as mine are very fleeting most of the time and I can only remember bits and pieces and parts - if I'm lucky!

Rebecca said...

Wow, that is a scary dream. I'd have to agree with Skittles interpretation - but what do you say, is she right?

Kaz Dragon said...

I had one like that once. It involved three characters that looked like people I know. One was looking for brains, another for a heart, and a third for courage. We walked down a road made of yellow bricks until we reached a bright green city and asked the local wizard to fix things for us.

What, you know how it goes? Oh, I must have told you about it before.

Anyway, have a big *hug* from across the puddle.