Thursday, January 08, 2009

Good morning, blogland! (nice long WoW post for ya!)

I am in a very good mood today. Last night marked my return to raiding with my awesome guild, and not only that, but the guild's first night in 25-man Naxxramas. We kicked some tail in there, and I learned a lot! My DPS wasn't up to par with the other hunters, but I expected that. Most of them have been 80 for longer than I have, and have had more time to get rep gear and run heroics. I am confident that once I get some gear upgraded, I will be up there as well.

We started with the Spider Wing last night, and tore through the first boss, where hubby picked up a new necklace. We had a bit of a hiccup on Grand Widow Faerlina, but I chalk that up to attempting an achievement the first time in. Got her down on the second try, and over to Maexxna. One-shotted there as well, and I got my first raid epic, a lovely belt.

We then moved on to the Plague Wing. Noth was our first (and only) real troublemaker of the night, the AOE from the Plagued Guardians was tearing through our healers and dps. We did finally get him down, and moved on to Heigan. Now that is one interesting fight! I died on the first dps pass through the acid/slime, because knowing what you're supposed to do doesn't make much difference when you don't really know how exactly you're supposed to do it. So I watched from the sidelines, and enjoyed the experience thoroughly. Gained some more appreciation for my GM too, he dragged Heigan around that room and hardly missed a beat. Got him down in one shot. Loatheb was last on the list for the night, and had a good giggle when the spores were explained. The mage CL said "They look like a bit from Tron. You know, the little floating thing that went No No No No No..?" Love that movie. I died yet again near the end, just ran out of things to heal myself with. I got a quick battle-rez from one of our boomkins though, and managed to live through to the end of the fight. Two tier pieces were handed out, though the hunter ones didn't drop. I probably wouldn't have gotten them even if they had dropped, considering every guild hunter was there, and I had already gotten one drop.

Because it was our first night in there, and the first night any of us would be earning DKP, all the loot was handled with /roll, although priority was given, member over initiate, and those who had won one thing were passed over in favor of those who had not yet. It was a good night, with little bickering. We went in, did our thing, and did it well. I hope we can maintain that dynamic.

After raid was over, I did some quick Leatherworking. I made myself a new chestpiece, then spent quite a bit on the AH. I read yesterday that they're adding Frozen Orbs to the crafting recipe of the epic leg armors, so I wanted to make as many of them as I could to store away for later, whether I use them myself or sell them. I spent like 1000g on Arctic Fur and Icy Dragonscales, but I got my LW skill up to 440, and was able to learn the patterns for my two Giantmaim pieces, as well as the Ice Striker's cloak, all three of which will be great upgrades for me. Now to farm the materials!

Tonight will probably be more Naxx, though I don't know if we'll have the people for 25-man or not. I hope we do, I'd like to see the Military and Construct wings go down like Spider and Plague did! :)

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