Monday, November 10, 2008

Some sober postings.. XD

WoW stuff first!
I'm not completely out of the game when it comes to raiding, it seems! Over the weekend I ran Hyjal with some guildies and some puggies. Yes.. I pugged Hyjal. We got four out of the five bosses down (three of them one-shotted), and there was a serious mess when we tried Archimonde. It doesn' t matter how many hp's he has when half of the raid is already dead due to fire or not using their tears properly. BUT I got some new gear.. a Blade of Infamy and (woo hoo) my T6 gloves! And nicely enough, I had 3 pieces of T5, so I still get to keep my set bonus. I also got some random leatherworking pattern, but it makes BOP Shammy gear. They just didn't want it to get wasted.
Then yesterday there was a massive horde raid on IF which crashed our server. I missed that, but I did get in on the retaliation raid of Thunder Bluff. Which, unfortunately, was very full of fail. The hordies at least got into the king's chamber in IF.. the pile of skeletons on the floor in there was hilarious. We got to TB.. and the person in charge says.. "OK, anyone know where the leader guy is?" /facepalm Seriously, dude? But I got 21 HK's, and two achievements, so it wasn't a total loss.
Tonight we're going with (more or less) the same group of people from this weekend to BT. Maybe. If not, I'll probably be working on my druid, who is now almost level 44. I had three level 40 characters, and she's the one who got picked to level farther. I still need to put in some time on my mage, but since hubby is leveling an ally warrior, the hordies have been on the back burner for a few days. Not a big deal.
We're not going to be first in line to pick up the expansion this year. Besides the fact that we want to take our time out in Northrend, we also don't want to be around for the massive lag and craziness as several thousand people try to do the same quests at the same time in the first area out there. So we're waiting a week or so for that. We'll probably work more on the hordies then, because we'll basically have Outland to ourselves until the first batch of Death Knights gets to level 58. That's the plan, anyway :D
And RL stuff.. as for the bar we went to (since someone asked), I will just say that it is the kind of bar that only adults can go to because not everyone in there is wearing all of their clothes. And I spent just as much as hubby did while we were there too, not all on drinks. Oddly enough when I woke up on Sunday I didn't have a hangover either. I think I have a new bar drink! But that's all I'm saying about it on my blog. XD
In other news, our tickets arrived this weekend for the Lion King! We're going to see the Broadway musical over in Lansing in March. I'm already looking forward to it, too.
And lastly, the Manic Monday word for today is BOUNTY, so here is a joke.
A pirate walks into a bar with a piece of paper towel tucked into his hat. The bartender says to him, "Hey, why do you have that paper towel in your hat?" The pirate says.. "Yarrr, there be a Bounty on me 'ead!"

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Linda said...

As per usual, the WOW stuff is all over my head but I'm glad to hear you didn't have a hangover from your night out!

Thanks for the 'bounty' chuckle, too!

Maggie Moo said...

The Lion King is AMAZING. You're going to love it.

And if you are sober I think that I should get drunk and come back to comment. It's only fair, right? :)

Kaz Dragon said...

And there I thought you only drunk stuff that tasted of ... strawberry? Where did that memory come from. Oh well!

Anyway, I'm glad you both had a great time out. Your hubby sounds like a lucky chap ;)

Barb said...

The raid leader didn't know where to go??? Geez!!! Gratz on the T6 :)

We preordered the xpac so it should show up sometime before the end of the weekend. I don't know how soon we'll make our DKs.. or even if they will be Horde or Alliance. We're enjoying playing the Ally ppl right now but I don't want to give up on Horde. I guess we'll, or at I'll, hold off until I'm sure.

Lion King will really be something for ya'll to look forward to!

Hehe.. I've heard that joke somewhere. :P