Saturday, November 08, 2008

MOar drunken postings.

I like cheese.
We went outto the bar again and hubby is watching the fan right now. I had like 7 drinks, Stoli raspberry and cranberry juice. Very tasty.
Then we went to the local hot tub place.. that memory is already a bit blurry. But it was fun.
Oh, we got food in there somewhere too. I got a slurpee and some oreos and a nestle crunch bar thing and some funyuns and two big cookies and a lottery ticket, but we didn't win. I don't think so anyway, I don't really think I was paying attention.
I'm going to collapse in bed now I think. Hubby will be disappointed that I didn't tell all the juicy details, like what KIND of bar we went to. But really I don't think it matters, it just matters that we had fun, right?
And I'm going to feel like crap in the morning, I can tell already.
Oh well.

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Linda said...


Sounds like you had a great time and for someone who was tying while drunk, you did a darned good job! Now go take some aspirin and drink lots of water!

Callie Ann said...

Take Linda's advice drink lots of water... With all the junk food you bought you sure those drinks were not laced with Pot.. sounds like a munchy run a lot..

Feel Better you ya-who!!!!

Barb said...

A Slurpee with Funyums I can understand.. but with cookies and a candy bar? Now that's drunk. :P

I like cheese, too.

(Glad you two had fun!)

DirkStar said...

Not so fast, sista...

We want details of exactly what kind of bar and tawdry activities were engaged in.

Oh yes we do!

Anonymous said...