Monday, November 24, 2008


The Big Bear Butt has asked us WoW bloggers what sort of experiences we're having in Wrath, whether it be dealing with asshattery, or someone who goes above and beyond to be courteous in the face of the mass exodus to Northrend.

Hubby and I spent a good portion of the weekend in Borean Tundra, and really didn't have any completely extraordinary experiences with other players. There were a few things that came to mind though, and I will share them with you.

There was the player on the Brewfest kodo who saw my new Rhino pet (named Rocksteady, kudos to anyone who gets the reference), and yelled "OMG Rhino!" while running in gleeful circles around me and my pet. Good for a giggle :)

There was the player who eventually ended up on my ignore list thanks to a problem with a bugged quest. He decided that rather than just put in a ticket, he would grill General chat about said quest. It started off innocently enough, he asked if anyone else had encountered the same problem. A few other people had, most of them just skipped the quest line and moved on, so they advised him to do the same. Some people said, open a GM ticket and see if they can fix it. For the next half an hour he kept asking in General about this quest. He wanted to know if the rewards at the end were good, or if it was just XP. Look it up on Thottbot, dude. Seriously. DO something productive to figure this stuff out, don't ask a bunch of people who maybe have or have not done that quest line what the rewards were, when most of us have already been inundated with so many quest rewards we couldn't tell you what one in particular came from any specific quest. I have no problem with people asking questions. That's really what I figure general chat is for. I DO have a problem with people who refuse to accept advice after their question has been answered, and persist in question after question about the same stupid thing.

That's odd. The fun thing only took me one sentence to explain, while the bad thing took an entire paragraph. I will have to think of more fun things, to make up this imbalance. Unfortunately, I am having trouble thinking of them. I can remember several times laughing out loud at things that happened in game, but I'm at a loss for the actual stories behind them.

Oh! Here's one. A bit of a personal embarrassment, but hey, I don't mind sharing with y'all. I ran the Nexus with a group of guildies. It was my second time in there, hubby's second, the healer's second, the other hunters' second, and the tank's first. Thankfully hubby and I had a knowledgeable tank the first time, so we had a pretty good idea where things were. We made our way to the first boss, across all the floating platforms and whatnot. We got to the boss, and started up the fight.. everything was going well until I discovered a problem with the way I had arranged my action bar. I had Disengage in between Arcane Shot and Bestial Wrath, and at one point in my rotation, I missed Arcane Shot.. and guess what I hit? That's right, the button that launches you backwards 15 yards. Right off the edge of the platform. I quickly released and ran back, and tried not to make a big deal out of it. Hubby of course, asked me what had happened. Did the boss knock me back? No. Did I accidentally run off the edge? No. I finally told him, and he had a good laugh at my expense.

Disengage is no longer on my button bar.

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Rebecca said...

It cracks me up...about a year ago if I had read this blog post I would have been, "What the heck is she talking about?" Now...I am like, "Awwww crap, you knocked yourself off the cliff with Disengage." LOL!!! Oh and btw I love Disengage. I use it all the time. I love the game. I have a great group I play with. A Lock, two Pallies, a Rogue, and me the Hunter. What a blast. Did I have a life before Warcraft??? Hugs my friend.

SQT said...

I know not what language you speak...

Jeez, what kind of sci-fi geek am I anyway? The only game I play is Guitar Hero.

Honors Code said...

My Hunter Alt's Rhino is named Rocksteady too!

Now to go back to the Plaguelands and tame a Boar to name Bebop!

Barb said...

I spent a large part of my WoW time today asking your husband about his DK. The other part was spent asking him where Alliance fps are. :P Horde places don't like me anymore. Even if I bring cookies like your husband suggested. ;)

I've decided my DK will be Alliance, whenever I make one. What can I say. I'm hooked. :)

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog today! Rocksteady FTW! Where's Bebop though?! With those extra stable slots you should get one hehe

"Hey where's Bebop?"
"In the stable!"

See? Works! :P

That jump back on disengage these days can be quite hilarious. I've seen myself and boyfriend both die accidentally on a few occasions!

Carrie said...

Hello and welcome new visitor! :D
I am sorely tempted to make a Bebop. The problem is my stable is already full with pets that I don't really want to get rid of yet. If I can find a boar with the right look though, I might change my mind.. XD