Friday, August 08, 2008

Oh yeah, baby!

I got out of work late again yesterday, as expected. Tonight will probably be much the same. When I called home to let hubby know about what time I'd be done, he said, I have a surprise for you!

He had run Asara through a BUNCH of turn-ins for my Wintersaber rep! When I logged out on Wednesday, I was about 1/3 done. When I got home on Thursday, I was 2/3 done! So I sat down and got to work, and did another 3,000 or so rep on my own. I went to bed around 10, and still had 4 runs to do before I could get my kitty. Had it been half of that, I probably would have stayed up, but at half an hour plus per run, I just couldn't do it, and still get up at 5am for work today.

But when I got up this morning and checked my armory, this is what I saw.

That wonderful man had done three more runs for me before he went to bed. I now have only ONE more run to do when I get home, and the kitty will be mine!! I'm so excited, I can't even say. It's almost here, HOORAY!!!! :D

4 fellow footsteps:

Beowulfa said...

You are loved, lady :)

Many kudos to the hubby!

Linda said...

Wow! Your husband loves you to pieces, doesn't he?!? But then again - who wouldn't?!

Congrats on the new kitty addition to your armour - whatever the heck all that is about (I'll have to ask Amanda when she comes home from New Jersey!).

Anonymous said...

Awesomeness! :D

How much of a grind has it been, really... how many hrs of playtime did you have to spend on it? *tempted*

Carrie said...

It really hasn't been that bad. I think if I had wanted to sit down and just go from neutral to exalted, I'd have gotten sick of it pretty quickly. But I broke it up quite a bit, I would do an hour or two at night if raid got cancelled, or I'd do an hour, then do something else, and maybe a couple of hours later before bed.

I figure 10 minutes on the meat quest, 5-10 more on the furbolgs, depending on whether or not there were other people around, and 10 minutes on giants, including travel time.

Let me see if I can do some math here..

0-1500 neutral - 6 turn-ins, 15 minutes each max, 1.5 hours

1500 neutral to honored (7500 rep) - 15 turn-ins, 20 minutes each, 5 hours

honored to exalted (33000 rep) - 39 turn-ins, 30-40 mins each, roughly 26 hours.

So that's what, 32 hours.. wow, that's longer than it seemed, for sure. Like I said though, I broke it up quite a bit, and some rounds went faster than others, it just depended a lot on how many other people were around. Especially with the furbolgs.

If you decide to go for it, best of luck, and I wanna see a screenie when you're done :D