Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hey, I'm still alive!

Nothing too much to report today, sadly. Boss is on vacation, so I was at work late, I skipped raid last night, did a few Wintersaber turn-ins and went to bed. Tonight I get to mow the lawn, take a shower, maybe do some grocery shopping, and probably go to bed without any WoW at all (sad face). I am now a third of the way through Revered, just about 14k reputation left to grind through, and at 850 rep per turn-in, I'm looking at roughly 16 turn-ins. 8 more hours of Winterspring, and I'm free!

I think I've decided what I want to do after I finish my Wintersaber rep. There was a post over at WoWInsider this morning about which instances you never ran/got a chance to run at the appropriate level. I did just about every one when Asara was leveling up, at one time or another. The horde-side ones, like Wailing Caverns and both Razorfen instances, I can't really remember. I'm sure I didn't do them at-level though, because around those times I was mucking about over in the Eastern Kingdoms, at least for the most part. I even managed to do a few raids before Burning Crusade came out. My guild cleared ZG, and messed around a little bit in AQ20. We downed the first boss of MC, but we never made it to Naxxramas.

I have never seen Naxxramas at all. Or Onyxia or BWL. So my next goal, once I'm done with the Wintersaber thing, is to push through Argent Dawn rep to Exalted (I think I'm honored atm), to get attuned for Naxxramas. I have my pendant for Onyxia, so maybe one of these days I'll at least wander down there and see what the inside of that instance looks like. But my main goal is to get attuned for Naxx, and even if I only go by my lonesome, to find the portal that will get me up there and see what it looks like, before it moves to Northrend with the next expansion. BWL.. I'll probably have to give that one a miss. For one, it's not going anywhere, and for two, the portal to get in is stuck in the middle of UBRS, and I'm pretty sure I couldn't get there by myself!

What about you all, are there things in old-world Azeroth that you'd like to have done before Wrath comes out?

3 fellow footsteps:

Rebecca said...

I feel like such a know so much more than me about Warcraft. I am still only level 59 and pretty clueless about raids and instances and all that stuff. It is so much info. My brain overloads. I am learning though.

Mo and The Purries said...

Dude, after "mow my lawn" I think you slipped into Portuguese or something!


Anonymous said...

Well, I hope you got the lawn mowed...I'm with Mo, after that I was lost! *LOL*