Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stupid Stupid Stupid...

So, apparently our internet has been fixed for a couple of days now. But hubby says it's been very slow and sluggish compared to what it was before the storm. He tried playing WoW, but would get kicked off if he even came near a major city. We weren't sure if it was the new modem, or if they just needed to tweak some things first. Last night I checked the box for the modem, because hubby said it had been running pretty hot. And right there on the corner, "can handle speeds up to 46 Mbps"!

Our cable internet is roughly 100Mbps if not more. So today (hopefully) I will have time to take the old modem back to Comcast and trade it in for one that works, since it handled our speed just fine before it died. It was probably due for replacement anyway, because we've had it for quite a while. Cross your fingers for me that I won't have to work late tonight, I'm having WoW withdrawals! :D

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Linda said...

I think I may be experiencing the joys of Comcast here pretty soon myself. I hear so many bad things about it I'm really going to be keeping my fingers crossed!

Hope you got your new modem so you don't go through complete withdrawals from raiding!