Monday, June 02, 2008

MaNiC mOnDaY ~ Over

This post is going to take me a while to type.. the tendonitis in my right wrist started acting up over the weekend, so I've got a brace on it. It usually takes a week or so to stop hurting, so I probably won't be extremely prolific this week. Expect a lot of YouTube :)

I had a very short weekend.. thanks to summer being the ideal time for having hot dogs, we always work a lot of overtime. This summer has been no exception, in fact we've worked quite a few Saturdays already. I'm really hoping that phase of production is over, because everyone is just getting exhausted, and one day to recover before having to get right back to work just isn't fair when you're working 11-12 hours a day.

I'm really tempted to find a new job, but I'm scared at the same time. After almost 9 years, I'm really getting tired of where I work now, but considering the state of the economy currently, I'm terrified of switching and then losing my job due to downsizing. As annoying as this place can be, I know they need me, and that's a small bit of comfort that I really don't want to be without right now. We'll see :)

And now, thanks to my super-annoying coworker, I have a question to end with (for now, I'll probably post a bit about WoW later). The radio station he listens to every day mentioned something about giving away a suite at a Tigers game. This guy says "hey, that would be great to win, a suite!" And I replied, "yeah, but you'd have to watch the Tigers!" I say that because I'm not a huge fan of baseball.. it seems like a lot of time invested for little return, most baseball games I've seen have not been overly interesting. So I wouldn't enter this contest because I would rather the prize go to someone who would really want to watch the game. He, on the other hand, would, because he would rather have the service and amenities of the suite, and never mind the game. He also expressed interest in tickets to game 5 of the Red Wings' current series for the sole purpose of selling them.

What would you do? Enter the contest and fill a suite with a bunch of people who are just there to chitchat and have free food, or leave it for someone who would enjoy both the suite AND the game?

2 fellow footsteps:

FRIGGA said...

You could go one step better, enter and if you win give the winnings to your coworker who really wants them. Once, back when I was 20, a coworker won Bingo Tickets and gave them to me. I had never played before, but I loved it and have gone back many many many times, and even have a bit of a dobber collection.

I know, I went off topic there, but oh well. 8-)

Happy very weird Monday! :)

Mags said...

I'll have to eat less hot dogs this summer so you can work less. :) I hope your wrist feels better