Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Awesomeness in The Eye (WoW)

So last night we raided The Eye. Everyone was in a good mood, we were having a good time, we didn't even get overly upset when the server reset when we were in the middle of Al'ar, and when it came back up, all the trash had reset as well, like we hadn't been in there at all. Thankfully all of the Marks and Nether Vortexes we had looted from them were still in my guild leader's bags. We just buckled down, regrouped, and started over. Got Al'ar down in one shot (I got another axe to match my first one, yay!), moved on to Solarian. The trash in Solarian's room is always interesting, thanks to people getting mind-controlled every so often. But last night went beyond interesting to completely awesome. We pulled the first group, sheeped two of 'em, and everything was going well until.. one of the mind-controlled people dropped a fear, and feared one of the raid members right into Solarian herself.

This had the effect of pulling the ENTIRE ROOM onto us. People were dying left and right, hunters were feigning.. and then someone else got MC'ed and popped a fear, grabbing me and my CL out of feign. I stood up, ran around, and suddenly everyone was red.. I was MC'ed this time! As was my CL and our MT. The rest of the raid dropped shortly after, and the mobs started to reset. And of course, since the three of us were MC'ed, we started to reset as well, which had the interesting effect of healing us almost to full. I was resigned to dying once we reset to whatever group had MC'ed us, but we got realllly lucky. It wore off when we were only partway to Solarian's platform, and we all stopped dead in our tracks. Then we began slowwwwly backing away, and we managed to get back to the rest of the group without pulling anything else. Phew!

Once we all stopped laughing, we got everyone rezzed and went back to work on the trash, where some brave soul discovered that the group we were fighting was immune to fear, so our raid leader laughingly asked everyone with a fear to drop it before they got MC'ed again, and the rest of the pulls passed without incident. We got Solarian down, and hubby got a new wand. After all of that, we moved on to Void Reaver, and got him in one shot. My CL finally got some T5 shoulders for herself.

The only bad part about this was that I didn't realize that the server reset had stopped my combat logging, so I wasn't able to run a proper WWS report. Still, I had Recount running, and was pleased to see that even though I got put into the caster group, I was still top DPS out of all the hunters there. In fact, after experiencing the joy that is a Shadow Priest and never having to use a mana pot except when she was dead (oops).. I might start asking to be in that group from now on... :) FI works on spell damage too, after all!

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