Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Funky Meme

The Funky Meme

1. Have you ever been in a funk? (ie: a mood) Yes, it happens from time to time :)

2. Describe your first funk. What were you doing when it first came upon you? There have been enough that I don't remember the first one.. sometimes life just gets away from you, ya know?

3. Do you remember why you fell into a funk in the first place? Usually (if it's not PMS), it's because I get overwhelmed by my responsibilities, being unhappy with what I'm doing every day, and a pervasive feeling that there's no way I can get myself out of the situation.

4. How long did you stay in your funk? It's taken less than a day, other times it can be a few days before I can beat back the funk.

5. Did you ever do or say anything during your sophisticated pity-party that you regretted? When I get down, I eat. A lot. And since I'm not an exercising sort of person, that food never really goes away, you know?

6. When you feel a funk coming on, is there someone you can call and talk to should you find yourself - Lord forbid - in the throes of a wild funk? What do they say to help you? I usually call my husband, or my best friend. My husband is a wonder at helping me get through my funky periods. He reminds me of things that make me smile, and that will almost always get me through the day until I can get home and get a hug. :)

8. Do you try to put on a happy face while you're funking? How's that working for you? I try when I'm at work, because if I don't, everyone wants to know what's wrong, and since work is generally a big funk motivator, I don't want to go there. I need my job more than I need to vent about why it's making me upset.

9. Do you have mood swings? Oh yeah.

10. Has severe funking ever caused you to injure yourself? Not that I can recall, except I tend to get clumsy and run into things because I stop caring so much about the boundaries of my personal bubble.

11. Do you take out your fancy funky frustrations on those you love when you're in a mood or is it best to be alone and make yourself miserable instead? Not if I can help it, they don't deserve that from me!

12. If you saw someone having a funky fit in public would you....
a. call the blog police
b. lock up your children
c. offer to drive them to the nearest 12-step program
d. give them your Prozac.
other suggestions? I'd feel bad for them, but probably cross the street and let them have their fit. Maybe it's how they cope, ya know?

13. Do you use unorthodox methods for dealing with your funk? Do you.....
a. change your purse
b. use humor
c. scream at the mailman just because
d. redecorate the dungeon cells
e. drink Green Tea
I stay away from the store when I'm in a funk because I'm an impulse buyer when I'm in a GOOD mood, and being in a funk.. I need MORE because that will help me feel better, right? Then I end up with empty pockets and guilt for spending money I didn't need to on top of everything else. So generally I use humor, but not mine, if that makes any sense. If I can find something that will make me laugh, it usually helps a lot.

14. Did you ever have a funk that lasted more than 7 days. How did you defunkify yourself? Not that I can remember. But in general, here is the de-funking procedure:
a. call hubby
b. whine a bit about what's bothering me
c. get reminder that (as they say in Avenue Q) it's only for now... only for now..
and if that's not enough, he reminds me of things that are guaranteed to get a laugh out of me, and I remember that as long as there are still things to laugh about, it can't possibly be as bad as I had hyped it up to be in my head! :)

4 fellow footsteps:

Sandee said...

You have a great husband like I do. We are indeed lucky. Hope you get your Amnesty card from Mimi. Have a great weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

Great job on this one, Asara. :)

Mimi Lenox said...

Yippee! You're out of the dungeon. Your card is on its way.

The fact that you get a hug and the privilege of calling your husband when you're in a funk is something worth being grateful about. I miss those two things the most. Hugs and talks.
Oh! and laughter!

Sounds like you have a good relationship. Great answers!

But does this mean you won't EVER do one of my memes again?
That would make me sad. I hope not!

Rebecca said...

Hehe, funky MeMe... My problem is, when I get into a funk, I generally have no desire to pull myself out - it's that catch 22 :0