Friday, May 30, 2008

Drama Llama is Dramatic

The continuing saga of the resident Spanish Inquisition Drama Llama (to be known from here on out as SIDL).

Now.. when we left off the tale, SIDL was apologizing to the guild leader, and we were being made to feel like we were overreacting because we don't like this girl. Fast forward to yesterday afternoon. We have a forum titled NSFW - Tattoos and Piercings, for anyone who wants to show off their body art, even that in "adult" locations. SIDL has said that she has tattoos, but had up until now not posted any pictures in there. Well yesterday I log on to see that she has posted something there, so I go to see. She says, "Do fetishes count as NSFW?" and posts a picture of herself on her hands and knees in a very suggestive outfit, and another of her kissing another girl, jokingly saying it's our priest CL with her hair dyed blonde.

To me this says, "yeah, I said sorry to the guild leader, but I really don't care what you think. I'm going to do what I'm going to do, and because my boyfriend is not only the MT but also a CL, watch me get away with it." So finally last night I mention it to the guild leader. I said something to the effect that those pictures really tell me that she's not willing to compromise or make any effort at reform. He tells me that he has deleted them.

Oh, reallllly???

Well, would you look at that! Here we'd thought that he was on their side, but perhaps we were wrong. Long story short.. I was talking to one of my other priest friends in guild chat, play-flirting (I said *smooches*, she said "*blushing* you know what I like.." this is how our friendship is, and has been for years. Her boyfriend and I do the same thing.), and good old SIDL can't contain herself. In guild chat she says stuff like, "Stop, that's inappropriate girl-on-girl chat, this is not the proper place, I am offended.", which translated in my head as "I'm overreacting and making a big deal about this because you all are PERSECUTING ME when I just wanted to hang with the big kids and be cool".

The guild leader stepped in and told her to cut it out. At this point, he's pissed because she brought the whole thing into guild chat. Bad move, SIDL. So all of us involved (except SIDL) are pulled into the guild leader's vent channel (the voice tag for it is "The you're probably in trouble" channel, lol), to discuss what we're going to do. He says he's getting whispers that she's being held to an unfair double standard, that if it's ok for me to behave like that, her behavior should be ok too. And we all go nuts at that point, because her behavior is SO different than what I did, there's no way.

I told him that he should talk to her boyfriend and see if there's anything he can do to smooth stuff over. Her bf responded that she's not going to back down because she feels that she's being treated unfairly. So now we're stuck. She's not going to change, and if she's not going to change, we're all going to leave. And all of US leaving will honestly put him in a worse spot than if he loses the one tank. Besides me, it's the lock CL, the priest CL, the hunter CL, one of the druids, and another one of the priests who isn't even online because his computer fried itself, but who doesn't like her just based on her behavior on the guild forums, and who has been friends with the guild leader for even longer than I have.

So after like an hour of this, he comes up with the only solution that might help at the moment. He says that since she is going to be leaving for the summer, he was already planning to kick her once she left, but that he didn't want to tell us because he didn't want to make us that happy (lol). But until then, he gave us permission to put her (and all of her alts) on ignore. I had asked last time if I could, but he was very stern about not doing so. He said that the last person who put another guildie on ignore was now the CL of another guild. But given the circumstances, he'll allow it until she leaves. I was happy enough to hear that he was planning to kick her anyway.. but being able to put her on ignore will make it that much nicer.

So I am a happy little Asara today. I think the next few weeks are going to be much more pleasant :)

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Meghandra said...

Woot! It is great that the GL is going to handle the situation. There is nothing like drama to make your fun time not so much fun.

FRIGGA said...

Yuck, I am not a fan of drama. Especially when it's someone who's fairly new and starts causing problems with stuff that everyone else has been okay with for a long time... Well WhoooHooo for being able to ignore her!!!

P.S. Don't forget, today is FRIDAY!!!! :D